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This refers to the process of running multiple "virtual" web servers on a single physical host computer. With this technology, a single computer can host thousands of independent websites. Shared hosting plan means that you share the server (computer) with many other websites. Anywhere in between is where you will find virtual website hosting. Hosting is the service that offers space on the Internet for websites.


Virtuell Hosting is a procedure for hosting more than one name ( with each name handled separately ) on a standalone web site (or pooled web sites)....

Virtual hosting is usually used to refer to web hosting, but the principle is applied to other web hosting solutions. A widespread usage is common web hosting. Pricing for Web Hosting is lower than for a Web Hosting Service because many clients can be housed on a central one.

Virtual hosting is a two major type of hosting, name-based and IP-based. Namensbased virtual hosting uses the hostname presented by the clients.

As a result, IPs and the associated administration effort are stored, but the log to be operated must provide the hostname at a suitable location. Especially when using name-based virtual hosting with SSL/TLS there are considerable problems. Hosts are IP-based virtual hosting that uses a different IP for each hostname, and can run on any log, but needs a different IP per serviced name.

Port virtual hosting is also possible in general, but is seldom used in practical applications because it is not user-friendly.

Namethbased virtual hosting uses more than one hostname for the same IP adress.

It is possible to jointly share two sub-domains of the same name. Thus, for example, a blogserver can be used to hoster both and

Because the web relay depends on the web trust to tell it what vhost to use, the relay responds with a standard website - often not the one the expect. In this case, a remedy is to include the IP and hostname in the clients system IP addresses and hostname files.

Access to the domainname servers should work again. However, the user should be cautious, as any change to the real assignment between hostname and IP is overwritten by the locale settings.

Web servers are configurated with more than one virtual machine on the same machine or with more than one IP on the same machine. Either the web host can open individual listening slots for each IP or it can eavesdrop on all ports with a unique slot and get the IP where the TCP link was accepted after receiving the link.

There is no customer involvement in this part of the hosting experience, so there are no incompatibility problems (unlike name-based virtual hosting).

As a result, the administration burden is increased (both the allocation of IPs to servers and the justification for their use in ISP Registries) and IPv4 IPs are exhausted. Most web browsers, however, can be set up to run on almost any portnumber, provided the portnumber is not used by any other application on the web browser.

HTTP Secure 443 is a specialized HTTP security device that requires a specific setup (see Server Name Display). Portugtbased websites are linked specifically to a distinct portnumber and IP adress. The IP will be used for hosting several websites. One IP site uses a single IP identifier to differentiate a single site from other Web sites that share the same IP addresses.

Virtuell web hosting is often used on a large scale within organizations whose mission is to offer cost-effective website hosting to clients.

In 1996-1997, the number of different IPs would have been a good proxy for the number of actual websites, as hosting organisations would usually assign an IP to each website with different contents, and several domainnames could indicate that the IP is used to service the same contents of the website.

With the introduction of HTTP/1.1.1 Virtual Hosting and the advent of stress balancer technologies, however, it is possible to securely accommodate a large number of live locations on a unique (or relatively few) IP address.

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