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Here is a very complete FAQ on affiliate marketing. Register for our affiliate program. Hi friend, welcome to Joreel's Affiliates. Affiliate team is responsive, knowledgeable, helpful and works very fast!

very. co. uk Affiliate Program

Very. co. uk is a digital supermarket with major brand names, the latest fashions, household and electric goods. More than 40,000 items in inventory, among them women's, men's and children's fashions, cosmetics labels, furnishings, household goods and electronics, many with free next-day deliveries and accessible payment options.

Every weeks there are new local wares!

More than 1.6 billion page impressions and over 100 million visitors to Very. Fees are payable at the expense of the order without value added tax and without deliveries. Fee income is as follows: They are customers who already have an existing Very bankroll or have had an existing Very bankroll in the past. They are customers who have never had an ever had an email with Very.

COUPON: COUPON CODE AFFILIATES: The number of publishing houses in the program has been greatly reduced to allow more trademark and regulatory controls. Subsidiaries that run a cash back system receive the following fee structures: The following fee structure is assigned to an affiliate operating a point system or other loyalty-based system: Fee for on-line orders is payable on the amount of the definitive purchase after all rebates have been made.

No commission is payable on the sale of gifts.

very. co. uk Affiliate Program

You may not use any prior trade name in any copy that appears on your website via Very, which includes, but is not restricted to: Index, Additions and Littlewoods Direct.

Should it turn out that a partner violates this deadline, the relevant individual will be deleted from the program. Do not frame the Very website or use masqueraded web addresses. Without the previous agreement of the affiliate managers of Shop Direct Home Shopping Limited (SDG), you declare that you accept not to integrate hyperlinks or flags in any kind of e-mail or newletter.

The Partner window scans partners with malware, spyware and adware. All partners found using these active discovery techniques will be deleted from the program and their purchases will be declined. At least one month before shipping, you consent to Shop Direct shipping the copy you wish to use in your solo (Littlewoods) mail.

Without the consent of the SDG Affiliate Staff no solo e-mail can be sent. The Affiliate may not advertise the below mentioned brands through the Very Affiliate Program locally. When you enter into a partnership with Very, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

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