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On-line banner advertising has standard sizes to accommodate horizontal, vertical, rectangular and square advertising spaces. A few displays require more vertical space. Consider this as Facebook's own display ads. Scientific diagram download | Produced vertical banner advertisement for "Redden" in the distant visual state. from publication: Aboriginal, Banner and Interstitial;

In-Stream Videos; Rewarded Videos.

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Or, how would you browse through your Facebook time line, Twitter newsfeed or article without scanning? This allows us to explore and use new contents on the web. You' ll also be browsing through your Instagrameed when you' re ready for your cup of tea at noon. However, it is not a commodity or a business process, it is a behaviour that has given some designers, publishers and platform ers the ability to develop new concepts, functions and even promotional possibilities.

Let us discuss the possibilities of scrollability. What is your first thought when you think about scroll in terms of advertisement? It'?s something vertical, isn't it? There are some who can say vertical contents, vertical ads, vertical flags or vertical movie ads. Well, my boyfriend, each of these things has the same concept - vertical advertisement.

The vertical advertisement is nothing new in it. Upright banner ad is a popular thing in the realm of screen ad. Think of banner ads like "Half Page", which is a 300 x 600 px banner ad, "Wide Skyscraper", which is a 160 x 600 px ad or even the "Skyscraper", which is a 120 x 600 px banner ad.

They are the ones that most large advertisers use on their platform and are also in the most favorite formats that are compliant with all large on-line ad serving systems such as Google Display, Adcash, IAB, Retargeter, Adroll and many others. Speaking about vertical anchors is nothing new.

However, to talk about vertical ads in 2016, when we have Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Snapchat filters, or other networking sites where a small, mid-sized company, or even a company advertises, is something to talk about. And, by the way, let's not neglect the advancement of portable ads! eMarketer says portable ads will predominate among consumers' online spend.

Why are there so many discussions about vertical ads today? After all, advertisement is a quick business that changes from time to time. Since banner ads aren't death, they just re-invented themselves and today we call them Facebook ads, Instagram ads, promo pin or nativ ads. The vertical banner is an innovation that even Facebook is testing!

Harshit Agarwal, Harshit's recently published article in the blog's article states that a publisher with a publisher with a direct selling company can use multiple file sizes up to an 2:3 page size without any problems. What does Facebook do that for? Facebook launched a new ad style named Canvas in Feb 2016 - a new post-click, full-screen and always-on Facebook ad viewing environment that downloads almost instantly.

Cunningham ( Social Marketing at Huge ) compared Facebook's Canvas to an online show. Somehow it is interesting to see how much canvas a company can do if it is well made. However, for me, Canvas, it's just another endorsement of the hypothesis that vertical advertising is on the advance and marketers should think about how to create great ads that will not only win them customers, but also provide the consumer with a better viewing experience as they engage with them.

Vertical anchors can be of 2 types: vertical, fixed or motion. Also when we call them stories (snapchat or instagram), documentaries or musical clips, photographs or graphs. When it is vertical and its aim is to get humans to click on it, it is vertical flags. Instagram is one of the world's biggest platform for wireless advertising.

There was a period when Instagram was known for 2 brands: Editing Photographs (Applying Filters) and 1:1 Photographs. It was a big fight for some people to upload pictures in this way, but for others it was a kind of challenge to think in the boxes (literally). Then came the hour and Instagram asked his church to look beyond the place.

Now, for example, consumers can easily share pictures and video that are not only 1:1, but also horizontal and vertical. If 65% of powerful Instagram posters contain a branded item, it's a good place for a marketer to get their business involved. In addition, Instagram has introduced a function that allows the user to interact with their communities in a more naturally way - Instagram Stories.

However, vertical contents are not something that only Facebook uses to earn its living. There' Snapchat, which is known for this kind of contents! That' s one of the main reason why Snapchat is so loved today. This is because you can simply build contents that can be distributed to your fellowship.

Snapchat has also created a function that allows publishing houses to publish their everyday story in a new form - vertical music. Snowchat said in the newspaper Diet Mail (which is one of its Discover partners) that vertical ads have up to 9x more closed view than vertical ads. Now, these large print organizations are starting to create large scale editorial divisions that create streaming footage and other advertising that will be specifically targeted to these audiences.

Hearst Magazines Digital Media CEO Todd Haskell, who operates 2 branded products on Discover from Snapchat, Cosmopolitan and Sweet said about vertical streaming ads on Snapchat: However, just imagine, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are not the only socially oriented plattforms that rely on vertical feed.

Portrait advertising is the most popular form of advertising, so these ads can be of great value to advertisers. If we go a little beyond the socially responsible sector, we can see that there are publishing houses that produce vertical ads for their customers. So are vertical video a felony on the small display?

Moreover, they are welcome if they are well crafted and given to the individual who is really interested in the work. Telling us that most humans keep their telephones vertical means that full-screen and vertical displays are the most efficient.

Now think of this great size in which your banner ads are really getting people's attention. If you' re designing a vertical banner that will fill the cell phones display where users can move up and down to watch and interact with your contents, this is something you have to trust.

How can you create a vertical ad that is a success? Now, back to you, what do you think of vertical anchors?

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