Vans Affiliate Program

Van's Affiliate Program

The Vans is the original action sports shoe and apparel company. wanted an affiliate marketing program to complement its online marketing campaign. Auto- and Van Rental affiliate program. The Vans Ward High Grade School Kids casual shoe.

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Vans, a division of VF Corporation, is THE premier fast-paced consumer electronics entertainment group. Keep in touch with those who like vans through actions like skating, boarding, surfing, motoring and BMX, and through big shows like the Vans Warped Tour ?, Vans US Open from Surfing?, and the Vans Triple Crown from Surfing?.

On the Affiliate Program: As soon as you join and are accepted as an affiliate, we will make a wide range of offers and hyperlinks available for you to use on your website.

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From a small shop in Anaheim, CA, since 1966, Vans has evolved into a forward-thinking producer and distributor of performing footwear and clothing. was founded in 1998 to serve as both an on-line shopping site and a new brand-building brand. wanted an affiliate marketer to supplement its affiliate marketer's on-line marketer program. handed over the program to us with restricted internal ressources. Our priorities for the affiliate program are as follows:

Our work focused on the deployment and project execution as a 5-month project. During the first two month the company was ready for deployment - a necessary step to develop the necessary affiliate sites, affiliate link and trackers.

We have also created ten affiliate link banners for At the same time as the program was launched, we were researching partner websites offering free contents, demography and designs. These tactics were used to quickly build the affiliate basis and fill the program with pertinent and focused affilates.

During the last three month we have managed the program, while employees have been trained to take the lead after completing the first program. In order to achieve more effect in the most valuable potential market segments, we have provided a specifically developed program descriptor directly to the 40 most important affiliate catalogs. It was intended to provide a large coverage and skilled presence for a new programme that was about to be launched.

Banners' linking creativity management section and the entire page layout were finished within the first months of deployment.

Our participation enabled to finalize the deployment and start its program on December 5, 2000, just in Time to take full benefit of the Christmas buying year. There are currently some 2,000 subsidiaries that have reported an increase in recruiting on a weekly basis since the program began. also has a constant flow of bookings to its trackers and has recently released nearly $6,000 in footwear and clothing purchases in a single months.

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