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United States Affiliate Network | US Affiliate Programs and CPAs USA are the most giant when it comes to affiliate based affiliate based marketers, and are smoothing the way for other US Affiliate based marketers that have now earned over $4.5 billion! If it comes to find high value affiliate programms for the US based merchant with so many to browse, it can be hard to find the best advertiser.

There are also a number of options for making your payment by wire transfers, so you can save expensive charges. Our affiliate and advertiser benefits are among the best in the business, if our partners are successful then our partners are successful!

More than 170 affiliate networks in North America

Do you know that there are over 170 affiliate networks in America alone? Yes, if we involve all the networks that use systems of pay for perfomance marketers, we will get a fairly amazing number. Northern affiliate networks: US "CPA", Lead Gen, niche and other networks: Number of networks (as of 10/09): 179.

Main categories of partner programs in 6 US partner networks

After my earlier contribution (where I summed up my results on the major affiliate niche markets, basing them on a study we did on six US affiliate networks), today I bring you details on the breakdown of the category in which the major affiliate programmes in each of the analysed networks fit.

Along with the top category and the number of associated affiliate programmes, I also include references to the method behind the affiliate programme's listing in the "top" level(s) and/or the main criterion behind each rank. Affiliate networks are ranked in order of importance. In the affiliate window, we analysed 50 best performers programmes chosen on the basis of an AWin index, "a 100 scores derived from an 4 different key figures algorithm" (conversion rates, approvals percentages, validations times and click profits).

Below is what the most powerful affiliate category in this affiliate are: the most powerful categories: avantLink provided us with their listing of the 100 most powerful affiliate programmes in the net (exact method not disclosed), and here is what their category and programme numbers look like: At CJ by Conversant, we have considered three factors: usable geographic data, 3-month profit per (one hundred) click(s) (EPC), and CJ's 5-bar rating; first limiting the programmes to those directed to the United States with a 4 or 5-bar rank, and then sort the results by the highest EPC in the last three month.

This is how their classifications have accumulated: LeftConnector's affiliate ecosystem provided us with a categorised listing of their "Top 100 campaigns powered by the 90-day EPC". This is how the number of programs is divided among the different categories: We have been provided with "a top category listing of the top 100 advertisers" by Mr Kakuten, which you can see below.

Asked about the criterions by which these applications are rated as the "top" applications in the net, we were asked that the "criterions are royalty based" and that their "analysis staff has also tried to orient themselves to the EPC theme". Within the PowerRank affiliate ecosystem, we have analysed affiliate programmes that have made it into the Top 100 PowerRank, a rating system utilizing the PowerRank algorithm, which is designed to evaluate the most powerful affiliate programmes on the ecosystem.

These are the top 100 affiliate program types of this network: Top 3 "winners" in all six affiliate networks are: But since the above results clearly show that the top catagories in each of the networks can be very different (e.g. Travel is the top catagory on CJ, Education is the top catagory on LinkConnector, while in Rakuten Affiliate Networks we see that high-end/luxury stores do quite well).

If you are an affiliate or an affiliate, make your own conclusion for yourself; and keep up to date for further insights from this survey (which I will post in future articles).

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