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In Select City you will find agents/brokers who can help you find a property for you. It is the most common way to apply for a rental property. Search for rental apartments in Vietnam. Locate the latest property for sale or rent in Kenya from trusted landlords and agents. Think about uploading & follow Zillow's guidelines.

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As soon as you have logged in and recieved your user name and your pass word, you can log in and begin creating your offer. You will see where you need to type the detail of your real estate and photos etc... It's really quite simply, just go through the paces.

Do you need help to upload? To help us upload or modify your entry, please use the Contacts page, e-mail us, call us, or use the webchat services. Make changes to your entry? In order to make changes to your offer, just log in with your user name and your pass word and modify your offer at any tim.

There is no need to enter the full adress of your real estate, you can choose between "All Address" or "Suburb Only". Selecting "All Address" will display the full road name, number and location on all locations, selecting "Suburb Only" will display your real estate as "Address Available on Request", then the location.

Up to 50 pictures can be uploaded to our system, although most websites only allow a max. of 35 pictures, you can also upload layouts, interaktive layouts and videos to your offer. When you have problems up-loading your pictures, you can either e-mail or mail us a copy of your pictures (on a flash drive, storage media or CD), and we can help you upload these pictures.

Your entry's primary picture is the picture at number one. In order to modify your primary picture, simply dragging and dropping the desired picture as primary picture to location one, click Send and the primary picture will be up-dated. This is the span in which the real estate is shown on the web pages.

Purchasers cannot see the value of the purchase. As an example, your real estate may be for Sale at $450,000 and you have fixed the value of your listing at $500,000. Purchasers can only see that your real estate is for $450,000 for purchase and this will be seen by individuals looking within 10% of the $500,000 asking rate.

Similarly, your indicated prize must be within 10% of the value of the quote in order to be seen on-line, otherwise it will be shown "wait for the leader " until it is modified. Indicated prices are the real prices at which you offer your house for purchase or may be formulations such as "Invited Offers", "POA" (Price On Application), "Negotiable", etc... This section is open to buyers/tenants.

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