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There are two main types of operating system platforms in the world of website hosting on which you can host your website, namely: The best Unix Web Hosting Award winner. Webhosting servers are described thereby exactly Â- thousands of visitors are served at the same time. To learn about operating systems and web hosting. Where is the difference between Unix and Windows hosting?

Each platform has its own characteristics, pros and cons.

But you need Windows Hosting if you want to build in .NET or Basic.

Advantages and disadvantages of Unix® vs. Windows® Web Hosting

While the big issue may seem to be Unix vs. Windows web hosting, the real thing is that every site should be able to respond quickly, safely, and dependably.

Your hosting choices really depend on the type of application you want to run on your webservers. As soon as you know what your needs are - it' much simpler to choose between Unix and Windows hosting. There is a frequent misunderstanding that if your web pages are created with Microsoft FrontPage, your web servers must be Windows Hosting.

Regardless of which OS is used to build your web pages, the base is the same, and you can still select to be hosted on a Windows or Unix based servers with FrontPage expansion.

Even though many apps can be hosted on both Unix and Windows server (media like Flash, MP-3, Flashwave, Shockwave, Royal Audio/Video), there are still some exclusions that will affect your hosting platforms - i.e. databases like MS Access need Windows hosting.

When all things are the same and you know that you don't need any of the Windows functionality and application specifics, a Unix web hosting solutions can be a good starting point. Obviously, there is very little different between Unix web hosting and Windows web hosting in relation to power and none that should be conspicuous in your hosting offering.

Their web design needs and the necessary softwares will be the engine behind your choice of servers - so the definition of those needs is the first stage in the choice between Unix and Windows hosting.

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