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Affiliate Program Unity Asset Store. If I don't have a referral ID, how do I participate in your affiliate program? Everyone can earn extra money with Unity Asset Store affiliate program. Later I commented to our program director that I wish you had learned it for us! You are not a network publisher of Unitytechnologies?

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Set the hyperlink to it. Driven by generous, community-driven talents, the Asset Store offers ten thousand free or low-cost items that help Unity's makers avoid crucial hassle and wastage. Unity partners can create links to any Asset Store item on their website, blogs or online sites and receive commissions for selling to Asset Store.

Unity customers have new ways to discover great content, and affilates get rewarded. Are you already an affiliate? A new Affiliate Program is announced that will enable the Unity worldwide fellowship to talk and communicate about how they can realize their dream through the Asset Store while making money at the same time.

As soon as you join the affiliate program, use our linking tool to find great assets in the Asset Store and advertise them on your website or blogs. It is also possible to make a list in the Asset Store and find the corresponding links via our links maker. What's new on the Asset Store? The Unity Asset Store has a vast catalogue of premium products that you can use as a source of inspiration, learning, and for importing and using directly in your work.

Affiliates - FAQ - Unit

Which is the affiliate program? Whether you run a blogsite, website or community website, the Unity Affiliate Program is a great way for you to improve your website with Unity and earn commission at the same time. Clicking on one of your affiliate link's will cause the traffic viewer to track its activities.

Backtracking windows vary according to which products you link to. When you link to the Asset Store, your link tracks your purchasing activities for 7-day. When you link to the Unity Store, the purchasing process is monitored for 30 trading day. Is it possible to have more than one affiliate area?

Yes, you can have more than one affiliate area. Remember that you can monitor more than one campaign and website activity with a unique affiliate partner using the Pubref parameters in your link, so we strongly suggest that you use a unique affiliate partner for managing your affiliate trading. Must I use the same username as my Unity-ID?

If you apply for an affiliate partner profile, your user name and your login information will not match your Unity-ID. Affiliate Program is Hosted by our affiliate Performance Horizon, so your user name and passphrase are separated from your Unity-ID. - Violates the trademarks of Unity or third parties. - Takes text or pictures from Unity's web sites or shops.

  • Contains a Unity brand in youromainname. Unity has no control over what is considered unreasonable. Is it possible to join as an Asset Store publisher? Can' t await to see what kind of contents our communities create with this program. Please be aware, however, that placing affiliate link (s) in your publishers profile, attachment descriptions and listing pages is forbidden.

What is the Unity Affiliate Program? Once you sign up for our program and are approved by Unity as an affiliate, you can place affiliate hyperlinks through widgets, text hyperlinks and live hyperlinks on your website or your community page. If your users access the Unity website via these hyperlinks, they will be followed by a unique cookies.

According to what you link to, this cookies will track the users for 7 or 30 workingdays. If an order is placed by such a customer, the order will be linked to your website as a reference and your affiliate partner will receive a referral fee for the order.

And the more traffic you attract and the more of those who buy Unity merchandise, the more you get rewarded! Affiliate application is fast and simple. Submit now with your details and the website url where you are planning to submit Unity. Where can I make a link?

It' simple to build affiliate coded uplinks. Using Hyperlink Maker, find any of the products currently in use in the program and click the Make Hyperlink icon. It gives you the opportunity to make a large or small wideget, a text hyperlink, a fixed web page ad or a shortcut to the products. Every one of the URLs you make with our online affiliate tool will contain your affiliate ID.

*Unauthorizedly marked hyperlinks will not be traced back to your affiliate personell and you are solely accountable for your hyperlinks being correctly orchestrated. Please use our link tool to make sure that your link is correctly encrypted. Which is the parameters of the subsidy? Aids is the affiliate parameters that must be attached to all your affiliate link(s).

We cannot determine your affiliate accounts and all mediated purchases without this parameters. It is recommended that you use the Link Maker utility on the creative page of the affiliate Dashboard to make sure that all your link files are correctly coded. Please read the link example below if you want to link manually:

*Chamref: Your affiliate ID is marked as "camref" in the dashboard and can be found under admin -> track. http://prf.hn/click/camref:XXXXXX. XXXXXXXX is your one of a kind affiliate link attachment tool, as shown in the example above. Which is the name of the publicref param? Public Refresh" is an option subtracking that can be used to optimise your affiliate effort.

You use the pubref parameters to monitor individual campaigns in your reports. *Plsend be aware that the "help" on all link is needed to make sure that the partner's sale is followed. We do not follow hyperlinks that are only linked to the "pubref". How high are the Unity Affiliate Program referral fees? Unity Affiliate Program referral fees differ based on what you link to.

Unity Store link ages are fixed fees, and Asset Store link ages are percentages. By connecting to the Unity Store for Plus and Pro, $17.50 and $62.50 respectively are paid out. The link to the Asset Store gives a 5% provision on all our items.

At Unity, we make no representations, warranties or conditions as to the correctness, exhaustiveness or appropriateness of the information provided in or referenced in this FAQ.

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