An audiotypist, someone who writes letters, books and other documents using an audio source (e.g. a dictation machine) : a person who uses a typewriter or computer keyboard : a person who works in an office and whose main task is to type letters, notes, etc. [ C ] uk /?ta?

p?st/ us someone whose task is to write letters, reports, etc. using a computer or typewriter. Typist (multiple typists). Constructed terms. Stenotypist. The typist is someone who works in an office and writes letters and other documents. A typist definition is a person who operates a typewriter. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Typist.


Check out Wiktionary, the free online lexicon. The typist can relate to it: Information input merchant, someone who enters information into a computer or computer based system. Copying typist, someone who writes deeds, booklets and other papers with paper or hand-written wells. Stenotypist, someone who uses a high-speed typing system to pick up language.

Typist, someone who is discriminating against others because he is associated with a uniform societal construct.

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Text processors and typesetters use keyboards and text processors to create correspondence, report cards, shipping tags and other material. Text processors are able to fix documents formats, grammatical and orthographic mistakes, change pages, borders and much more. As a rule, a text processor is not restricted to this one feature and will do a lot of work in the workroom.

Naturally it is necessary to know how to use word processor to work in this job. Text processors or typists can look forward to between 24000 and 36000 salary levels according to their experiences. Text processors and typists can earn an annual mean salary of thirty-four thousand two hundred US dollar.

Text processors and typists can get the best remuneration in Massachusetts, which has a wage of almost 320,000 euros. Specialists working in this profession can earn the highest remuneration in Professional, Scientific and Technical Services, where they earn an annual $56080 median. In order to superimpose your own wages for a word processor or typist, please choose your country.

Since 2004, the remuneration for this careers has risen annually. During this period, wages rose by 15.84 per cent on a nation-wide basis.

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