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Travelocity's new tariff monitoring services help you find the best rates.

Try Travelocity's new enhanced price monitoring feature. The FareWatcher Plus keeps track of round-trip rates on up to 10 itineraries and sends email alerts to subscription customers as far escapes. Extended services also look for holiday package and hotel rates and suggest 10 different destination topics, among them summer and beaches, families and romantic.

In order to create an e-mail alert, the user enters a couple of cities and chooses how long they want to view a journey - in a specific way, for three month, for six month or until a specific date. User can decide whether they want to get e-mail messages or just follow the tariffs on-line. FareWatcher's option includes notifying you when tariffs fall by $25, fall or fall by $25, or fall below a certain level.

Travelocity's services work best with home flights. FareWatcher will redirect you to a page that you have browsed using Travelocity's Custom Data page when you get a notifications. Then you have to choose the fares of a particular carrier and go through the reservation procedure as usual, and the overall fares are only shown at the end of the procedure.

As I usually know when I want to go, I like to be able to track rates over a certain trip time - if I want to go in December, I wouldn't mind if the March flight was less expensive.

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