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com,; Hotels. com,; Expedia Inc / Travelnow. com /IAN. However, as travel now shows signs of a new life, Expedia could turn things around faster than the rest.

PassportAds launched by Expedia Media Solutions Group: drama

Then PassportAds uses this anonymized information to create high quality traveler segmentation and address them with managed accuracy throughout their entire journey.

In contrast to traditional context-sensitive purchases, marketers can appear anywhere on-line in front of these audiences. "The PassportAds service provides unrivalled coverage to those customers active in the leisure industry. Now, marketers can build high-grade customized messaging that engages travellers throughout the holiday scheduling and reservation processes and throughout the Web experiences - from message viewing to reviewing their forecasts to clothing shopping," said Doug Miller, VP of Global Media Solutions, Expedia.

"We focus on providing our customers with the opportunity to provide behavioral and contextual advertisements to the widest and most valued consumer audiences in the global consumer marketplace. "PasssportAds is building on the successful Expedia offer for the TravelAds positioning tool. TraveAds uses the buyer's searching behaviour to place target-oriented advertisements at the point of sales.

TravelAds was launched in 2008 and provides hotels affiliates with the opportunity to distinguish their real estate by tendering for premier ranking within and hotels results. TravelAds as well as PassportAds enable marketers to benefit from the extensive information created by the user when searching for trips. PasssportAds and TravelAds are two of Expedia Media Solutions' core product portfolios.

It represents the company's effort to help travellers and non-travel brands unlock the unparalleled value of Expedia's worldwide Internet traveller destination. As well as PassportAds and TravelAds, Expedia Media Solutions provides countless ways to engage buyers with a proven interest in travelling, to help businesses get the most out of their US$ market, complete with advertising banners, sponsoring options, advertising activity, theme store placements and more.

Founded in 2007, Expedia media solutions is devoted to establishing on-line and off-line medium partnership for travellers and non-travel marketers to help them harness the unparalleled medium value of the Expedia ecosystem of top selling traveller brands and sales outlets worldwide. Through Expedia, Inc. Expedia, Inc. NASDAQ (EXPE) is the world's biggest on-line tour operator, with an expansive range of branded products, some of which include the world's top on-line tour brands:

Expedia Media Solutions offers added value to customers in the recreational and corporate markets, driving increasing demands and booking directly from tour operators, and offering marketers the ability to engage a very valued customer base of travellers through Expedia Media Solutions. It also supports reservations for some of the world's top airline and hotel companies, top brand names, high-frequency Web sites and hundreds of thousands o f partners through the Expedia® affiliate network.

If you want to hear the latest company and sector information and opinions, please go to or Twitter @expediainc.

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