Journeyerrr creates turnkey travel websites that earn commissions and profits for website owners. The most trusted online travel affiliate website builder, Travelerrr, enables you to launch your online travel affiliate website today and achieve a high ROI. Journeyerrr wants to help people who want to start their travel business online and earn money. See all Travelerrr presentations. It is a unique opportunity to open your own online travel agency without prior knowledge of the Internet. FAQ

Will I need a commercial licence to operate this site? Everyone can operate this website without a commercial licence, because as a travelling partner you are just the gate to sending your guests to tour operators for comission. Taking the additional leap of starting a company for your website will help in the long run if you are planning to develop this on-line store into a large, well-known tourist site.

Your travelsite is already set up and prepared for you to earn cash. We' ve done research and testing on the website using several partner programmes and have deployed some of the highest-paying partner programmes that you immediately buy to bring them people. Are there any partner programmes used? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find the best partner for your trip.

Our package deals, as shown on , use Travelpayouts, Rentalcars, CruiseDirect, Viator and Expedia as your primary partner to help you expand your start-up businesses. To order our top services, we tailor your trip to your needs and use the best partner in the world. Can I register for the free affiliate program?

Yes, all our partner programmes are 100% free and it only needs a few seconds to open an account with any partner. Mainly the website is set up to be monetised with pay-per-click revenue, although it is also able to give you a percent fee calculated on the basis of the real sale revenue generated through the website.

If someone, for example, book a plane on your website, you will be earning 50% net revenue, which means that the travelling companion will be sharing with you 50% of what they have benefited from the business. No, your shop is not filled with genuine items that you are willing to sell to make commissions with Amazon referral schemes.

They do not care about the handling of purchased or dispatched goods, everything is done for you. Please note: You need an activated amazon-bank in order to set up a shop on your website. Once you have signed up for the Trip affiliate programmes, you will be provided with one single user ID and single user ID and single user ID to log in, keep tabs on your revenue and make a withdrawal of your choice.

Does the sale include the name? No, the name is not part of the order, we ask you to please enter your name in the order form. Your website will be marketed with your preferredomainname. It is possible to registrate a domainname with the help of registered domains like .

As soon as you have your domainname for your touring machine, a high-end artist will create a corporate identity to make your website compete able with all the big tour operators on the Internet. Contrary to most sites that demand administrative expertise from you, this fully automatic, self updated and turn-key tour operator does not need any expertise to work on-line.

Have you set up a website for me? Yes, we take charge of the set-up, set-up and monetisation so that your website is fully operational and works on the Internet. Just give us your name and partner data and we will take good look after the remainder. Our aim is to make it simple for you by offering you a turn-key operation in less than 2 shortweek.

So the only costs you consider to get this site alive are the costs of buying domains and web hostings (free with our services for 1 year, $50 per year thereafter for web hosting). To run, all Web sites require a Domainname and Hosts. We' re here to help you every step of the way as you successfully operate your journey platform.

Which kind of webhosts do I need and where do I buy? There is no need for dedicated web site provisioning; the site can host without difficulty on any base web site host without load issues. Also we have our own free web site that you can select with only $50 a year, for the first year with one of our turn-key bundles.

How can I buy domains? Domainnames can be bought for $1 to $12/year from Below are some vouchers to lower the cost ofomainnames:: Use to find a well available domainname, we also have various possibilities. Is there anything contained in the ticket?

In order to see what is contained in each bundle, please go to our Getting Started page, which lists the bundle functions. When setting up, you have the option to modify the colour scheme, rotate image flags on the home page, favorite targets or any other customisation to the desired website. Are you offering websites for direct bookings of travel?

What do I do to keep up with the big tour reservation machines? Destination 1 site and dominating it for all in- and outdoor trips and you will have great results. Yes, please see two demo designs that we can use to set up your web site for bookings: www.demo3.travsellpro. com (WordPress version) and www.demo.travelerrr. com (PHP version).

You can add extra pages to your website, such as the blogs, holiday accommodations, resource page, holiday activity, on-line shop and any other pages you wish for extra financing. With Skype it's simple for us to talk back and forth before and after the sale. As soon as you have contacted us, we will guide you through the procedure and email you an account to make the payments for your trip page and start the trial.

Yes, you are the registrated holder of the Domainname and own 100% of the full property right to the website so that you can operate it and have the opportunity to turn and resell at any time. What is the checkout procedure? You will receive a bill of sale by e-mail for the amount paid, where you can fill out the form to make the transfer.

So what happens after the sale? Once purchased, you will contact us to begin the entire Internet site creation for you. Then we will capture your domainname, webhosting and partner information and set up your website to be fully operational and monetised to make a living.

Do I get after-sales service with my order? Included in the Web Package is continuous e-mail technical assistance while you successfully operate your partner company for web based webcams. This means that you don't really pay for this trip page; you invest in it, increase its value and can later sell it on to someone for a higher selling rate.

They will be paying a lot of cash for a fully automatic, mainstream agency that is immediately operational.

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