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Manually and automatically I consolidate travel offers through FMTC. I' m tired of promoting travel packages as an Expedia partner. Cheap Flights affiliate program pays high commissions: Contact your All Points travel agent for all available offers and options!

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Our partners are an expansion of our teams and we work with them to deliver extraordinary holiday adventures. If you are on holiday with us, you can collect MileagePlus PlusĀ® reward points in top of your airline mileage. The most important reason for participating in our partner program: Please click here to register and begin your referral today.

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When you place our advertisements and our link (s) on your website, you have the ability to provide the following to your users: Excellent great deals include pay/stay rebates, per cent off rebates and the cheapest rates for top quality accommodation in all key destinations. When you advertise us to your visitors, you have the chance to make the following:

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All inclusive rates are per capita unless otherwise stated, per day basis accommodation and are subject to change depending on date, point of departures and uptime. The fares for holiday packs inclusive of fares are calculated on the basis of the type fares of the gateways promoted in the last 14 calendar nights and include tax and charges for the travel data indicated.

Luggage fees and limits differ by airline and may be subject to frequent changes. The majority of large forwarders charge a charge for all hold luggage, the cost per item can be between $25 and $50 per item and more if the item is over 40 LBS. A number of airline companies, such as Spirit Airline, charge a cabin fare and pre-allocated seat surcharge.

Customers must contact their airlines for the latest information on luggage. Baby tax Infant tax is not levied in advance. This tax must be paid to the air company at the destination on the date of your flight out. The total hotel booking fee covers all tourist tax and charges.

Once completed, a link to your co-branded website will be sent by e-mail. Persons who post an independent on-line shopping experience. Affiliate windows self-brand affiliate program: Partners cannot advertise a product through links. Not an Affiliate Window publisher yet, please fill out the registration here.

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