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Journeyzoo Inc. is a global Internet media company and trusted publisher of travel, entertainment and local businesses. Affiliate network Expedia launches new Deals Finder tool. You are a travel blogger with a steady traffic that you want to start monetizing? Therefore we can offer you some of the best offers in the travel industry!

Every month new and incredible offers.

Overview Affiliates

Become an Affiliate? Competing Fee - Earn competitively priced payments for your hotels, cars, flights and holiday package deals. Ease of Deployment - Get instant insight into deeper and text link, widget and banner content embedd in your affiliate ID. Committed customer base - The passions of our affiliate marketers are to help you succeed.

Monthly Newsletter - Receive email updates each week with hints, regular selling information and important offers to help you transform your audience.

This is how it works

Annually, every times a user hits, book and travel, you make money.

Your website allows you to make cash by offering your clients top offers, last-minute offers and all-inclusive holidays to the Caribbean and Mexico! Just check below, register with the Caribbean Affiliate Program and make commission! Caribbean Affiliate Program is free of charge - no fee, no risks!

Marketing Affiliate Program

3 beach resort offers the same level of holiday accommodation, but also accommodation and facilities for couples with children of all age groups. We' ve partnered with Comission Junction to bring reliable third-party third parties monitoring, real-time reports and montly fee checking to our affiliate marketing partners. affiliates have direct acces to a collection of hundred of banners that are as colourful as the resort they are representing.

Our newsletter is a great way for our members to communicate with each other about our products, services and specials. Affiliate Market Manager will be able to provide and meet all of our affiliate partners' affiliate partnering needs.

Unique high income affiliate program

We require our advertisers to register with us and advertise our offers through their websites. We will pay service rewards, incentive vouchers, conceit vouchers, tailor-made program offers and more in exchange for the exposure, credit and reservations we expect to receive. Participating in seasonally driven campaigns gives affilates the ability to increase their revenue.

Partners receive tailor-made text and banner ads to enable optimum advertising of brands on their websites. Tailor-made coupons and promo code are generated for live publication, magnetising a higher number of registrations and increasing client retention.

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