Travel Agent Referral Program

Recommendation program for travel agencies

Such recommendation agencies are becoming increasingly rare. Their referral credits now expire after three years instead of two. Bookings made through a travel agency are not eligible to receive credits from friends. With the advent of social media, word of mouth is more important than ever when recommending travel agencies. Through our referral program, our customers are rewarded for recommending our travel services to family and friends.

Recommendations for travel agencies | Working from home Travel agency

A lot of our present brokers recommended our hosting agent to their boyfriends and relatives, so we chose to award them for their fidelity. You know anyone who's interested in becoming a travel agent? Have you got a boyfriend who keeps asking me about your travel agenting?

A $50 rebate fee will be paid for each referral you make to us once the new referral agent form has been completed.

There' no limit to how many referral submissions you can have, so our representatives can give themselves an additional reward by simply splitting their referral links.

Reward for customer recommendations

I' d like to come back to a subject that I've dealt with before: customer presents. Our relationship with our customers is always considered to be relationshipal in comparison to the big guys who are transactionsal. By the very essence of our business, we get to know our customers in a rather informal way.

Referral presents are one way to do this. Recently, a debate emerged on one of the travel industry's messaging panels from a travel pro asking how to thank customers for making recommendations.

Some travel pros perceive the need to give away recommendations, and others do not, by giving samples to other professions who accept recommendations and do not retaliate in any way.

Even the expectation from you may be higher than it would normally be from a customer deserving with another methodology.

For each recommendation, there are some representatives/agencies that make a present that exceeds a certain amount of dollars and actually travel. There are other presents for certain referral miles, and don't announce the presents prematurely, but rely on the customers who take the lead without pointing out known incentives. They are all effective ways of reaping referrals, and some work better than others, dependent on your site, customer mix, market niches, and other determinants.

Representatives have proposed that others who give recommendations should give their own cash - for example, recommending a certain physician to a recommendation from a mate. so why should we?

I have to say to these operatives that you're slightly misled. You may not find yourself in your own markets or within your own agencies under an obligation to award recommendations. They can have enough shop to get through the door through your own merchandising that having a referral bonus program would not have the same effect as it would on a home based agency with one or two media.

There are also many instances of professionals providing recommendations: One where a practitioner of chiropractic offers a free customization to someone who finds new customers. Your own individual circumstances really matter and what you think makes a lot of difference to your company and your customer portfolio.

Certain specialty stores are even better places for referral awards than others; for example, home trips are great for a referral program of some kind. To give something for EVERY recommendation is a little exaggerated, especially if someone is sending you many recommendations. And I believe in making a present for a " landmark " recommendation - like the tenth or twentieth recommendation - just like you would celebrate landmark jubilees.

I sometimes just call a customer and ask them to dinner somewhere, at my expense.

It was a good opportunity to get to know each other a little better, which will really help strengthen our relationships, and I got away from our dining session with a new group reservation for next year and two single reservations for the pair themselves. In my view, recommendations are a way of promoting relationships.

There is no need to pay for an arms and a legs, and it can be something like serving your customers with a snack, or giving them a little thingumabob to use on their next holiday with you. It is up to each businessman to choose for himself what is right for his own particular way of doing things and his customers, especially the customers he wants to award.

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