Travel Agent Partner Program

Affiliate program for travel agencies

No matter whether you are a prospective tour operator or have an established agency, the most basic requirement for your business is a competitive inventory of flights, hotels, car rentals, cruise and holiday packages that you can sell to your customers. There are many tours and activities that are ideal for travel agencies, from unique experiences to the most popular activities! Please read our information about the travel agency program if you are a travel agency.

Agency partners and preferred suppliers

Find out more about our contacts in the sector from our Director of Affairs, Bill, in the following film.

Global growth for Expedia in agent partner program

It seems that using huge ATAs, in particular Expedia and Orbitz, which pay up to 12% via their affiliate programmes, to cross the line from competitors to collaborators - at least for some of them.

Will cooperation with the ETAs merely increase their influence on marketing? What effect could such connections have on the relationship between agent and vendor? The second part examines the OTA' s affiliated programmes and their effects on the marketing environment. Expedia's Travel Agent Affiliate Program (TAAP), introduced in the US in 2010, enables brokers to leverage Expedia's travel product portfolio and receive competitively priced commission on their purchases.

Last year, Expedia set up a pure agent web site to give agencies more instant messaging experience. Exactly how many operatives have registered? Pedrani: In the last three years or so, the TAAP programme has developed into a truly multinational one, with travel agencies in 25 countries - most recently Norway, Korea and Indonesia.

More than 25,000 travel partners are currently working with us around the world, and the number of new travel agent registrations continues to grow. In the first three moths of 2012, we hired twice as many brokers as in the year before. In North America, TAAP has welcomed 6,500 offices, mainly in-house offices and third-party service providers.

The travel arrangements remain a varied and complicated scenery. The Expedia TAAP business is operating in an intensely fiercely contested market.

Shall OTA working brokers look after their own vendor alliances?

We at Expedia TAAP offer highly competetive hotels fees and incentives, but it is also noteworthy that percentage fees are not the primary consideration with which we are competing. Prompt fee payments, assistance from a committed agent, power and width of stock are important. What does agent use OTA and how does that change? In the past, it was customary for an agent to use our pages primarily as searching engines to find tariffs and rate comparisons.

With the introduction of CATAP, agencies now also use Expedia to make bookings. A lot of agencies tell us that as soon as they see the ease of implementation of TAAP, the ease of use of the Expedia platforms and the ability to pay on time commissions, they are increasing their output with us.

What is new and what comes for your affiliate program? The TAAP business has recorded significant internal and external sales increases. To maintain a high standard of customer care, a dedicated agent gateway, Expedia Access, was established in 2011 and new functionality will be added to improve our offering and ease of use for our travel agents.

Our trading partner is always ready to make proposals on how we can enhance our product, even with new product and functionality.

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