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Affiliate Travel Agency Website

Setting up a simple website is the best way to dominate as a travel agency partner. Tour operators, travel agencies and travel professionals who have a travel website but have not registered as part of a travel affiliate marketing programme. Many thanks for visiting our website. Terms and Conditions Register for the AmstarĀ“s Travel Agency Affiliate Program. Are you looking for travel agency and partner information?


Subscribe to our affiliate program and make cash with every referral you make. You can customise the look of your website thanks to the various promotional materials and the white label version. For travel agents we also provide a convenient reservation machine. Sign up here (click here) free of cost, easy and without risk in our affiliate program.

Travel affiliates: Do you run a travel agency or are a travel organiser and have your own homepage?

Different Affiliate Programs:

If so, our affiliate partners are the right choice for you. Up to 5% of the reservation fee will be credited to you for each reservation made through your website, based on your overall annual sales.

How soon will I get my fee? When your balance exceeds 25 , it will be credited to your English banking escrow or your balance will be carried over to the next one. Once we have sufficient funds, we will deposit the funds into the affiliate banking area.

Will my own bookings also be added? If you are a travel agency or travel organiser, you can become a travel companion by providing proof of your company's name. If you are a travel companion, you can select between a text and/or logotype links, banners, html searching or a sky scraper.

4% up to an annuity of 50,000 EUR, 4.5% from 50,000 to 100,000 EUR and 5% net fee for an annuity of more than 100,000 EUR.

Individual arrangements are made for the nature of the transaction and the amount of the fee. Stage 3: Place your preferred advertising on your website or in your newsletters and you can begin to earn immediately. Once you have selected the kind of advertising you want on your website, we will give you a clear affiliate ID so we can accurately track how many impressions come from your website.

In addition, other partners must make sure that ads are correctly incorporated, as fees are only disbursed for transactions identified by the partner ID. All you have to do is add the hyperlink to your website and we'll take it all.

Affiliate website last viewed by the affiliate will be added. Meeting technologies work even if the users do not allow the writing of cookie on their system or make a reservation from another computer.

We will send you a month's invoice by post. Is it possible to join the multi-site affiliate programme? Because each affiliate has its own ID, you can either enroll multiple websites under one ID or have a unique ID for each website. By registering multiple locations with one ID, we create a single bank transaction and the number of transactions for all locations with the same ID.

Is it possible for locations outside Germany to participate in the affiliate programme? Affiliate programs are not limited to English pages.

They can also promote other sites. Should you cancel before reaching a 25 Euro provision, the entire balance will be paid to you by then.

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