Traffic Tracking Software

Tracking Software

The Solarwinds provides a FREE real-time monitoring program to track network usage and bandwidth on your network through an interface. Begin controlling your traffic today! With PRTG you can measure and analyze all network traffic. Take all your traffic there like a master who makes money faster! With our software, you can turn your raw traffic data into a gold mine of efficiency and performance improvement.

Best-of-breed bandwidth monitoring software to monitor network traffic usage

Monitor your bandwidth across your networks is critical to understand what's going on around you. Often you can even intercept bad behaviour and programmes that have crept into your networks without you or your surveillance system knowing. Here are the most important tools for bandwidth control from 2018:

SourceForge has not included any software package or program, as many of them are obsolete and no longer in use. A FREE real-time monitor is provided by GlobalWinds to monitor your networks utilization and band width over an IOU. Easily set up and managed via SNMP, Solarwinds' offer is among the best in displaying inbound/outbound traffic at the interfaces of any system configuration with SNMP on your intranet.

It is also a well-known networking surveillance software and offers a small program to track the traffic on your LAN. The Networx application is designed for custom desktops and not for tracking bandwith remotely, as the others in this article do. When you want to watch the bandwith on your own computer or on your own desk, take this application and set it up there.

Gorgeous graphics of speed, use and odds per day as well as download speed are provided. Like the Networx software from above, BitMeter 2 gives you the option to visualize and trace your Networx connections on your own computer. The Rokario is another desktopsolution for your computer that will monitor your LAN port for incoming and outgoing traffic and use.

ManagerEngine OpUtils provides a great network/internet bandwidth and traffic control add-on that provides a real-time look at any SNMP devices on your LAN at either appliance or port levels. The bandwidth load is monitored and logged to show upload/download rates and total load. Key characteristics of this software includes agent free software designs, historic user trending and graphing, thresholds notification on predefined thresholds (which are customizable), the capability to track speed/packets/volume and bandwidth.

XLS is a powerful XLS report exporter, which allows you to create your own XLS report. Do you think that broadband has a clever little service program named dbbMeter, which is ideal to keep tabs on your use of the web. It' not nearly as full as some of the other features, but it will still help you keep up to date with your use of the web on your own computer.

As a home computer and if you want to keep an eye on your uploads/downloads and the amount of bandwith you use, this is a great tool to do this. Several of the major functions are daily/monthly/weekly statistics, alarms when exceeding bandwith, stopwatch for tracking download speed, ping timer for latency tracking (good for players), graphs for use, and protocol performance analyzer.

Like many of the other utilities/tools listed here, BWMonitor keeps track of your bandwith only on the computer you are installing it on, rather than on more than one computer such as a Solarwinds, PRTG, and ManageEngine. The functions of the BTW Monitor includes a "speed stopwatch", a data logger and user alerts. Works with all important versions of Windows, up to and personalized with Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows NT 4. 0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The Spiceworks software has an integrated capability to monitor your networks bandwith utilization on specific equipment within the Spiceworks install. provides a small tool to monitor your use on your computer screen.

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