Track Affiliate Sales

Follow the sales of your partners

Affiliate marketers receive a unique ID number. If you place a link on your website that leads to a product on the retailer's website, this unique ID number is used to track the sale to you. Sub IDs can be used to track individual clicks, visitors, promotions or sales, individual keywords or simply anything else. Sub-IDs are used to track your affiliate sales back to the tracking link or campaign and finally back to the single click that led to the sale. Learn how cookies and parameters are used to track affiliate links.

Follow leads & sales as an affiliate

Merchandising allows virtually anyone with a website to offer a whole host of goods and sevices without having to worry about keeping an inventory, sending items to clients or handling them. Affiliate marketers receive a clear ID number. If you place a hyperlink on your website that links to a specific item on the retailer's website, this unique ID number will be used to track the purchase to you.

Once the sales are completed, you will receive a sales fee. As the merchant tracks your sales for you, it is your as an affiliate marketer's responsibilities to keep track of the sales of your affiliate books and make sure that you are getting rewarded for the sales you make. Select the product you want to resell and select an affiliate distribution company that provides affiliate hosting for that product.

Amazonia provides tens of millions of products that range from textbooks to computer hardware. A number of vendors are offering affiliate program directly through their own sites. Others, like Dell, have affiliate promotions through third-party providers like Commission Junction. Please obey the on-screen prompts to register as an affiliate. Please review the General Conditions of Sale and Delivery thoroughly to see how you will be charged.

While some can be paid directly by cheque or electronic, others can only be paid once you have reached a certain turnover level. Write down your affiliate ID, your user name, your keyword and the login address you use to login to your affiliate area. It' much simpler to track when you combine all your accounting information into a unique spread sheet or text editing workbook.

Choose a specific item to sell while signing up for your affiliate services. Receive a hyperlink that uses your affiliate ID. Please copy this hyperlink as indicated on the website. Insert the affiliate hyperlink on your website. Check the links to make sure that your affiliate ID is included in the links.

Regularly login to the merchant's website with your affiliate user name and keyword. Browse to your admin dashboard to see how many sales you have made. Write down the sales you have made in a spread sheet, which includes the distribution services, the products, the date of sale and how much cash you have earned.

In order to track when you are getting payment, add a "Pending" and a " Paid" columns. Then you can enter the amount in the outstanding balance when you make the purchase and move this number to the payed balance when you get your cash.

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