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LA Angels Tours, Grand Canyon Tours, San Francisco Tours, New York City Tours. You are a travel agency or a private person and want to earn a commission by selling my hikes? Contribute to promoting tours you believe in. Participate in the Maverick Affiliate Program and earn commission sales generated through your helicopter and land tour website to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. Simply post a link or banner for our tours on your blog or website and you will get your commission from our tour sales.

Partner join our Partner Program

With over 20 years of travel history and our thrilling activities such as Free River Cruises and Free Guided Walking Tours, our partners are very interested and help to sell more passes each year.

You are a blogspople or socio medial flu lover of Iceland? Because we are the biggest travel company in Iceland and also one of the biggest Icelandic travel reseller, our affiliate program is the ideal way to monetise your web site by referring visitors to our web through affiliate link.

Our offered fee for tours and activites is 5%. When you submit your application, we will provide you with information about the provision schema.

Travel recommendation program

Eligibility to join the recommendation program It is not possible to get a recommendation bonus for a member of the house or a room attendant, and all referrals must be over 18 years of age. All referrals must be over 18 years of age. All referrals must be made in writing. Members of a group who have been hired by a group coordinator to take part in a trip on a trip are not entitled to be placed.

In order to send a recommendation, you need the first name, surname and e-mail of your recommendation. Will I have to go with the men I reprimand? You do not have to go on the same trip as anyone you recommend. How long do I have to wait for my reward? 72 hrs after completion of the booking, your referred balance will appear in your bankroll.

Recommendation credit is effective for two years after it is earned and expires after that period. Can my recommendation points be combined with other advertising offerings? What do I do to get a free itinerary?

A two year term begins with the booking of a trip by your first recommendation. Each of the eight travellers you recommend must be made on their first trip within the two-year timeframe, but their effective date of travel may extend beyond the two-year timeframe. You' ll get $300 in credits when your 8th recommendation takes a trip.

You' ll get the other $3,700 when a combined eight of your recommended travellers have gone on the road. Am I free to go on any trip? When the value of the free trip you select is less than $4,000, you will be credited with the full amount of the trip.

When the value of the booked trip exceeds $4,000, you will be credited $4,000 and liable for the remainder. Is my free trip coming to an end? If you do not redeem your free trip account within one year, your account will be cancelled. They can be travelled at any time in the near term, but you must make a reservation within one year of receiving the free itinerary.

I have already recommended travellers, what happens to my previous Credits?

All previously purchased credits are effective until 18 June 2019 or until redemption.

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