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LA Angels Tours, Grand Canyon Tours, San Francisco Tours, New York City Tours. In addition, our software will help travel and activity operators grow their business. Several of the most popular travel partner programs with bloggers are tours and activities. Do you run a travel agency or are a tour operator and have your own homepage? The Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and its Tour Operator Program TOP, Better Business Bureau and others.

There is little and in some cases contradictory data on the US tour operator sector.

There is little and in some cases contradictory empirical evidence on the US tour operator sector.... Lots of analysts in the sector estimate the 2007 turnover for the classic travel packages sector at around 12 billion dollars, although others suggest that it could be up to 28 billion dollars..... In 2007, the US Tour Operators Association (USTOA) announced that its more than 130 members had more than 10?

USTOA also estimated that about 82% of conventional tour packs are distributed through the tourist information channels.?

There was a clear traditional discrepancy between these two types of businesses - tour organisers largely selling their produce through tour agencies, which then sell the same produce at the same prices to the final traveller, while tour distributors selling their produce to other tour organisers and tour agencies at a greatly reduced'wholesale' prices, which could then be offered to the final traveller at the prices desired by the tour organiser or agency - but this discrepancy is now largely vague.

Travelling Impressions - American Express holds this premier tour operator, which works solely with tour operators and does not directly market its product to consumers.

A further 340 or so SME carriers represent a joint 30 per cent plus the remainder (30 per cent - 20 per cent) of the total 2,000 Mum and Pop carriers selling routes mainly to travellers in their own area. Only a few of the large US tour companies are selling their products through partner companies, while tour companies in Europe are big fans of the affiliate canal.

Below is an outline of some of the major actors in each of the markets that provide affiliate programs.

Apple Vacations offers one of its best last minute holiday deal programs, square deal. Squares allows the traveller to select the destinations and dates of departures, but Apple selects the hotels. Vacations has received a number of tourism industry accolades, among them Best Tour Operator to Mexico and Best Tour Operator to the Caribbean for 4 consecutive years from US tour operator publisher Tour Weekly.

Start your evaluation of the Apple Vacations U.S. Travelling Affiliate Programme here. Click, Apple's favorite affiliate networking site for the UK programme. The Funjet Vacations - As Mark Travel's own tour operator franchise, Funjet Vacations has been running trips since 1974. Your line of products is comprehensive and travellers regardless of your budgets can find great holiday deals to many caribbean Islands, Bermuda, Mexico, Hawaii, tens of European towns, USA and Canada; in fact, Funjet has deals to more than 360 global locations in all.

There is also a large selection of families, groups, weddings and other packages. As for affiliate advertising, Funjet provides two options: for advertisers who have their own brand sites, but want Funjet to give customers full service. One co-branding programme that allows an affiliate to present Funjet as their affiliate on their website, but the account management in this programme is the affiliate's own and not Funjet's as such.

In order to evaluate whether Funjet's own brand programme with CJ or Funjet's co-brand partner programme is the best option for you, click here. South West Vacations - South West Airline's tour products, which are actually led by a privately labeled programme with Mark Travel. South West Vacations provides holiday package deals to most (but not all) of the U.S. Airlines' flying locations, available from any Southwest Airlines planned departing town.

Southwest Vacations, like its carrier, is known for value and excellence. One selling point affiliate sellers who work with Southwest Vacations have is that unlike most other tour companies that also use the affiliate market channels for selling products, Southwest Vacations does not sell their products to on-line tour operator (OTA) companies.

For more information about Südwesturlaub click here. The Spirit Vacations - Spirit Airlines' travel operations department, probably the most spartan of all U.S. low-cost airlines, provides a blend of all-inclusive travel programs, legacy travel programs and hospitality inventories for most of the U.S. and Caribbean travel destination airlines serve, as well as programs in Cancun/ Riviera Maya and San Jose, Costa Rica.

You can find detailed information about all functions and advantages of the Spirit Vacations Affiliate Travelling Programme here. Another privately labelled tour programme run by Mark Vacations, United Vacations collects and sponsors holiday packs that include flight, hotel-, car-hire and attractions cards to favorite locations that its mother company United Airlines operates to Mexico, Canada, Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Las Vegas and other US towns.

In order to evaluate whether the United Vacations Affiliate Travelling Programme matches your holiday products policy, please go to the partners' home page.

OK, Gone Game - We acknowledge that this tour operator's destination client is a little off the beaten track, but unlike most other US tour companies Tone Gone Game offers a tour partner programme, and they serve a tour alcove that may not be large, but will certainly receive appropriate exposure.

Is this a programme that fits your itinerary?

The Kuoni Group runs its extensive range of branded tourism products and programmes in a number of different markets around the globe, among them the UK, where there is also a Tour Partner Programme. Over the course of their histories, they have received many renowned tour operator accolades, among them a 26 consecutive years award from British tour operators as "Best Long Distance Tour Operator in Great Britain" and eleven consecutive years as "World Leader Tour Operator" at the renowned worldwide tour operator award events.

In order to participate in the Kuoni UK Affiliate Programme, go to your favourite affiliate networking affiliate Affiliate Future.  STA Travels - The biggest students tour operator in the globe, STA Travels has a well-deserved international recognition in the tourism sector as one of the most creative tour operators. Really globally in size and breadth, STA has more than 350 retailing sites on and near Collegiate Campus globally (17 within the U.S.), and its website, (operating in 16 nations around the globe in the native language), gets 3. 6 million page impressions and 620,000 unique monthly hits.

Click here for information about STA's US Partner Programme.

Your Affiliate Traveller Programme focuses solely on your air ticket. Please click here to register for the StudentUniverse Affiliate Programme. Thomson Cook - The second biggest tour operator in Europe and one of the biggest in the globe, Thomas Cook Group plc (TCG) operational stats are amazingly high by US tour operator industrial standards:

The company operates in 21 different markets on five different continents and in 2008 represented around 22 of its main and second tour brand names. Thirty million buyers on packages or flight or hotel-only trip produce and generate revenues that exceeded £8. 8 billion.

The TCG affiliate programme includes key brand names such as Thomas Cook, MyTravel, Direct Holidays, Going Places, Cresta and Neilson, but is restricted to the UK and Ireland. TradeDoubler, TCG's favorite affiliate networking site, provides access to the programme. Tomson Holidays - part of the TUI AG Group (the world's biggest tour operator with more than 80,000 employees in around 500 businesses worldwide), Thomson Holidays is the UK's biggest tour operator.

Thomson. co. uk "...offers easy and affordable holiday accommodation, hotel accommodation, mansions and suites leading directly to over 80 locations around the world...from 24 UK airports...more than just the British Airways and the easyJet together. "The company Thomson Holiday, which runs both on-line and on the high street, has a large distribution base of over 650 shops in the UK and Ireland and annually ships around 5 million holiday days and air travel to UK travellers.

Thomson' s flagship holiday stamps also include the following specialised holiday stamps: Easy Travelling, Spring Water Vacation, Crystal Vacation, Thomson Ski and Snowboarding, Thomson Lakes and Mountains and Jetsave. Click here to learn more about all the features and advantages of the Thomson Holiday Affiliate Travelling Programme. These proclamations are musical to the attention of Tour Dividend, as they mean that some of the saving Portland Holiday's can make by avoiding tour operators can be diverted to them!

In order to see if Portland Holidays can make you high fees, visit the Portland Holidays affiliate programme at CJ, your favourite affiliate networking site.

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