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Hosted refers to where your website lives on the Internet. I chose a slow webhost (it took forever for my website to load). This is our top cheap website hosting provider for India, high quality hosting without breaking the bank. Perhaps you were looking for "best web hosting" or "web hosting reviews".

Best 7 Web Hosts for Indian Websites

It' a big no for you unless you took precautions about your servers uptime. Hint: If you are not only build for indic surfers, it is better to review the 10 best hosting pick from jerry.

For example, assume you are sending a contents query to a remote host and it replies after 100 ms. Latent is an important part of the load times of your website. Relative to how far away the remote site is from you, the amount of delay will vary.

When they are all in India, your website will be served more quickly from an India-based web site than from one on board, say from a UK-based hosting company. What does the webhost do to improve latent time? Most of the latencies are seen in the USA (W) and second in the USA (E).

Answer timings grew with increasing distance to the servers. And the furthest place has the longest latent period.

Which makes a web hosting enterprise "best"? There are seven of the best web hosters who have web hosting server in India we have tried and chosen. Classified according to latent value, cost and function. Here are the seven best web hosting providers I suggest at a single look for India sites.

BlueHost. in is the BlueHost Global subsidiary, but its activities are completely separated. Uses the ResellerClub server (a Mumbai-based hosting company) to service sites in India.

Your 24/7 supported options are 24/7 face-to-face chats, telephone and ticket sales. * to enlarge please click on the picture. * To enlarge please click on the picture. The price of their Shared Hosting plan (both Linux and Windows) can be very low if purchased over an extended timeframe.

You have 24/7 telephone call, face-to-face chats and ticket sales as your method of assistance. * Click on the picture to zoom. * Click on the picture to zoom. AlmostWebHost. in is a private web hosting firm based in California that later expanded its services to India and Europe.

You have a free web site creator that drags and drops all your maps. There is also an all-day telephone hotline and a customer service ticketing system. * Clic on the picture to zoom. * You can click on the picture to zoom.

You also have 24/7 telephone call and 24/7 technical assistance ticket. In contrast to most hosting marques verified at WHSR, HostingRaja offers client service in 3 different native language versions except Hindi and English, which will help the locals a lot.

* In order to zoom please click on the picture. * klick on the picture to zoom. HostGator. in is a huge member of the web hosting firm "Endurance International Group (EIG)" and its services are separated from its mother site Pricing for their joint web hosting plan can drop by half if it is bought for 5 years.

24/7 you provide 24/7 online chats, telephone assistance and ticket sales as a means of providing customers with assistance. * If you wish to magnify, please click on the picture. * Clik on the picture to zoom. BigRock. in is an ICANN approved Indian registry that has made rapid progress in web hosting and expanded its services to a worldwide clientele.

You are another member of the Endurance International Group (EIG). EIG took them over as soon as they began to refuel in the hosting industry. It offers face-to-face chats, telephone calls and ticket sales as its form of client assistance. There was no agent available in your face-to-face session at the moment of the review.

I' m guessing it's not 24/7. * Please click on the picture to zoom. * Please click on the picture to zoom. has started its web hosting services in 2013 and is run by a Indian based registration firm called Sarps Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

* Clik on the picture to zoom. * Clik on the picture to zoom. This is a brief review of the best 7 hosting India companies we have arranged in this review.

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