Top ten Affiliate Sites

The top ten affiliate sites

Skip to What makes a good affiliate network? Then there are those things called affiliate networks that are also seen as good marketing tools. Have you got any pages that would go well with our blogs? It' easy to launch a website these days, thanks to websites like

The RunCPA is the largest affiliate marketing network in the crypto currency industry.

We have 8 of our highest earning travel partner programs

Exclusion of Liability: Working the Dream uses demographics, e-mail opt-ins, screen advertisements and affiliate link ads to run this website. At the moment, our second highest revenue source is our affiliate program directly behind our affiliate ads with our Mediavine ad serving group. Earning nearly $25,000 a year in aggregate through our affiliate program, we have spend the last few years trying out which program and internship is the best - both our own Life the Dream worldwide and our own Pittsburgh Discover the Burgh locally.

We wanted to divide our highest-earning partner program for our blogging and take a look at how we use them to make cash, how much we earn with each and every networking and what we do to best support them. Like everything else, the chances are good that we are not the best optimised, even though we have been spending month if not years trying out the internships for these programmes.

It' very likely that you could have a voyage log that is practically the same as ours and does not have the same results (for better or for worse). Please note: All affiliate link to the programmes listed in this article are created via a plug-in and are random. We do not intend to use this contribution as a means of converting affiliate purchases (except perhaps a course split at the end).

Similarly, if you are a member of an affiliate programme who would like to see if we are using your services, please be aware that we do not currently accept new programmes. The main reason was that if we had recruited someone to say Hilton on our Linkshare partner links and he didn't sign up for Hilton, we would have completely missed the deal.

The implementation was simple in our Pittsburgh Blog as we made a worldwide insert of places we like, great places and best offers in the bottom line across all article. Klicks go up, sells go up, and after we made that move, we went from under 10 entries per months to 100 virtually overnight - and I'm not even overdoing it by using that rate in the least.

$15,000 a year. Walk of Italy is an affiliate programme that we have only just learned about, although we have written a review of their wanderings well over five years ago. Immediately after we heard about it, we started applying for the programme, and many short years later we were eventually approved. It' another case where we think the converting is taking place because our article is committed review and not name trap (see our error section below for more), and within the first months we added the link, we had about eight issues.

Have you ever taken a walk with a business and checked it out, make sure that you get affiliate link added when they are available. Mean earnings: $2,500 per year - forecast. We have found that a good portion of our revenue comes from the recommendation of certain items (such as the above DIY card set or books), but a small amount still comes from additional purchases that we make through mass-clicking.

Those small purchases accumulate over the years, but nothing is better than to sell a $600 or $150 KEEN shoe pairs and get $10-30 commission, that's for sure. Mean earnings: $2,500 per year - rising continuously. Teamon is a locally based deal site that concentrates on low cost rebates in many large towns, and as we found out Teamon Pittsburgh is very much in demand.

This is advertised on our own blogs through a number of ways, among them functions in our newsletters, special Facebook sharing and a hand-picked current list that we refresh once a month. The top earners have big tickets like Pittsburgh chopper trips (which we tried and tested personally) which cost up to $15 per purchase (10%).

Pair that with a few tens of buys and you'll have a really good day. We will be the first to acknowledge that the majority of our selling takes place through stocks on our Facebook page of 100,000+, but our Groupon guidance also adds periodic converts after we have published it in our community articles or newsletters.

$1,000 per year - variably depending on promotional activities. Rail Europe also shows side bar and bottom line advertisements on our Europe post, which we have been able to increase after the addition, but they still almost always came from the above list. Mean earnings: $1,000 per year and rising.

The Conquest and Conquest Point is an interesting partner programme as it is completely built on pushing pinned boards. There is a very beloved item (mostly from Pinterest) about how to create a card with needles for under 50 dollars. By chance we found out that they had an affiliate programme, added a new section to our reviews, and the remainder is story.

Typical earnings: $500 per year - projections base on actual income. Concerning affiliate airlines, we have tried promotion via side bar advertisements, bottom line rankings, user-defined "search for a flier" and Linkify text advertisements. Mean earnings: $500 per year with some upside growth opportunity. Eventually we come to Etsy- a strange affiliate programme that is included in a mailing of travel bloggers that we have to acknowledge.

First and foremost, we use this programme for our Pittsburgh based community brand blogs to promote town brand edifices designed by (mostly) community craftsmen. The programme is well suited to a number of guidebooks, such as our Top 100 Pittsburgh Articles on Etsy, our Pittsburgh Gift guide and the Pittsburgh Christmas Ornamentguide. $350 per year and constant.

At the beginning of this article we said that we have tried many programmes with our two logs and found many programmes that, quite openly, have not been implemented so well for us. This includes Viator and Get Your Guide for daily trips (for which we still have hope), car rentals (both aggregate and directly sold), tour insurances and group trips such as G Adventures and Intrepid, to name but a few.

We have also tried other third-party applications such as StubHub, Ticketmaster and other similar styles in our own blogs, with insignificant results outside of a one-time-sell. Left side bar? Footstep left? Link text link? For programmes with cost-per-lead payment only. Some of the above mentioned programmes have been sold, but only if we present them in special items aimed at those active in the search for a purchase.

So if you want to build contents that can be easily converted to trip blogs, chances are that it's a special one. Bonus Notes - What about affiliate blogs? When you have been around in the blogging world for as long as we have, or have just paid near enough attention, pay heed to an interesting trend - all kinds of blogs start promoting affiliate blogs in addition to routines within their niches. Here's a list of blogs that we've been able to find.

However, there is a cause for this, and it all has to do with affiliate payments. we can make $100 or more. Some of the only partners who have payments on this schedule in the travelers' letter are tour operators, and most blogs are happy if they at best are selling one per year.

Do you know what's better when it comes to encouraging blogs? Buying related to blogs is digitally, which can be much more pulsating. Remember to launch this blogs? Of course, blogs want to go into it everywhere, while blogs are still a big deal. We' re trying and doing it a little differently by offering a whole bunch of article on the subject of trip logging, rather than a low-cost "how to launch a blogs in five minutes" posting, as most people say (admittedly, we also have one).

Want to know more about affiliate recruiting? Take a look at the Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers course from our girlfriend Amanda at Aangerous Business (who gave us the hotel tip above!). It' a great introduction to how affiliate programmes work and how to optimise your journey log (best for those at the beginning of their affiliate journey - not for experienced sellers like ourselves).

And, yes, it's an affiliate hyperlink that we deliberately add. Click on the links above for our full Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers rating. Would you like to create a blogs? When you' re looking for advice, be sure to check out our comprehensive guidelines for starting a blogs!

Want to enhance your current blogs? Do you have an upgraded version of an already running blogs? Inform yourself about the following service, which we use on our pages! Starfleet Super Star Logging - Travel Logging Course. Looking for advice? Take a look at our Blogs Your Trip range!

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