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They can earn every day by clicking on ads on Paid To Click Sites and getting good promotional rates for your own website or referral links. Pay to Click Jobs (PTC Pages) is the first recommended site of Online Home Income. Latest tweets from Top Paying PTC pages (@TopPayingPTCBiz). Find out how you can start making easy money online, with the best paid to click on websites. The online home income strongly recommends PTC sites as the number ONE option to make money online.

Best Practices PTC Sites for Earning Online Money - Top Ranking PTC Sites

Top 10 PTC Sites are well-rounded sites with good authenticity, they've been here for some time now, without much trouble paying their members. PTC sites should pay at least 4 years before they can be added to this listing. For some who ask whether these sites pay through Paypal, the reply is yes.

Everybody on this page is some of the best PTC sites with paying via payspal. This is the best PTC site of 2017, known for the robustness, dependability and cost-effectiveness of its website. All on this roster are PTC sites that have been up and running for more than 5 years and are still paying all their members without any problems.

These are the few top PTC locations that have stood the test of it all. Those sites have their own good quality, some have high payment, some with good affiliate schemes and some have no min payouts, but one thing is usual with these sites is "they all pay". Some paying PTC pages I didn't list here because they were previously connected to fraud sites.

On this page you can see only the best PTC pages. If you have a penchant for making cash on-line now, let's get started. The Clixsense is one of the most reliable and trustworthy PTC sites to have stood the test of it all. It' been on line for more than 9 years and is getting bigger every single second.

CLIXSSENSE has never failed to make a payment to a member so that you know that this PTC titanium gives you the chance to make a living and not hesitate to do so. CLIXSSENSE members from the US and major markets have an estimate profit of $1 per dollar per daily from PTC advertisements alone.

Clixsense can make you more cash than the others. The Clixsense has a great deal to give them, but for those who are not in a top class land, don't be discouraged.... Clixsense offers other ways to make good business. The other ways to make cash from them are by accepting offers, assignments, grid games and surveys, but the most encouraging among them is their 8-level affiliate program.

If you answer surveys, complete tasks, and click ads, you can make a few dollars a months, but your 8-level affiliate program is a whole different story. What's more, you can get a lot more out of your 8-level affiliate program. This gives you the chance to have a reasonable, steady salary, all you have to do is improve your $17 subscription (which is very affordable compared to other PTC sites) and recommend a few people.

In principle, you can get $2 from your instant referral fee if you have improved your affiliation, and $1 from the following level commissions that will do the same (up to level 8). As you deserve: Furthermore, you will receive the same fee each year for each extension of your subscription.

This only means that you can have a steady Clixsense revenue because everyone has to regenerate their memberships every year and it will keep growing as you gain more members. Simply visualize the full power of this programme, it can definitely give you a fair living. Like Clixsense, Neobux is one of the best PTC sites that really pays off, and for some it's the king of the PTC.

It' been paying for over seven years without any problems. Moreover, they pay all their members immediately, a clear indication that a PTC site is stabil. The Neobux is definitely one of the top PTC sites out there. Neobux has several ways of making a living, but my favourite is your minijob.

Revenue can be earned more quickly by completing jobs instead of click-and-drag. The Matebux is a highly paid PTC site that has been running for more than 2 years and still pays its members. There is a great deal of upside to this website and it offers a reasonable payment for surfing on it. It' one of the very few highly paid PTC sites that has been able to keep in business for many years.

We like InnoCurrent's 120% royalty from referring activity, and you can click on high quality advertisements without member upgrades. You are one of the best PTC sites without investments, without costs concealed, all for free and with good value for your investment! If you have many proactive recommendations, you can earn a reasonable amount of revenue from your recommendation fee and high quality advertisements as well.

It is the best way to make a living from them, simple job with high salary. Today, BuxP is one of the most robust PTC sites in the world, with little behind Clixsense when it comes to corporate soundness. You have several programmes with which you can make cash, e.g. Youtube and Vimeo video, view advertisements, complete assignments, browse listing boards and their partner programmes.

It is difficult, however, to make good BuxP cash if you do not have recommendations. The Buxp recommendation programme is also boundless, which means that you can recommend as many members as possible. Upgrading your subscription to make quicker earnings doubles your fee from your recommendations.

BUXPX has been on-line for 7 years and continues to be one of the leading PTC sites in the industry. Like the other PTC sites above, this site has never failed to charge a member. It' very sturdy and very dependable. Another long-standing PTC website, Clixten has been around for more than 10 years and has good credit ratings for paying its members.

The PTC website has tonnes of programmes from which you can make light bucks, several samples are read e-mails, Paid2Click, perform exercises, Offerwalls, paid to Promote, Paid2Signup and Get Paid to Review. It' not a highly-paying PTC site, their click-through rates are just about the same as any other, but because they have so many adverts and assignments available every day, you can have an avarage monthly revenue of at least $0.04, which is much higher than most PTC sites.

DonkeyMails also has a great partner programme where you can earn commissions from Tier 5 recommendations. Here is what you can get from your 5-step recommendation program: They also have an indefinite recommendation programme that complements their partner programme. The two programmes work together to achieve an adequate level of incomes.

The GPTPlanet has been available for more than 5 years. Each side has a large number of advertiser and both are doing quite well affordably. With this website you can make a lot of cash with the same programmes from Scarlet clips like advertisements, GPTGrid, PTC Wall and PTSU. All in all, this is a sound PTC site where you can make a few dollars a months.

Just like what we said some time ago, you can make Scarlet Klicks quicker if you get lots of drums and can expand your subscription. It' the same with GPTPlanet, updating your GPTPlanet account increases the Refer a Friend fee from 10% to 100%. When you can do this, you will see that GPTPlanet and Scarlet Clucks are good PTC sites from which you can make good moneys.

The Wordlinx is one of the oldest and most robust PTC sites in the industry. It' been 12 years old without a problem paying its members. Actually, they pay their members immediately. You also have an unrestricted recommendation programme, which is good news for those who plan to launch a recruitment drive for as many members as possible.

The Wordlinx partner programme is similar to the 8-level Clixsense partner programme. Clixsense may not be as much as it is, but it is a good partner programme for long-term revenue stability. You also have some programmes with which you can make additional money and points.

Scarlet Clicks, is a PTC site where you can make a lot of profit by displaying advertisements. Although they have other ways of making a living, such as ScarletGrid, PTC Wall and PTSU, it still stays a "Bux-type model". Your applications are similar to those of completing assignments, responding to polls, and displaying clicks. PTSU is a pay programme in which you are remunerated after registering for another programme you are applying for.

They' been in this business for more than 6 years and never had an expense paying their members. Scarlet Clicks does not guarantee that you will get wealthy if you join them, but they will certainly give you the chance to make additional money without having to spend a cent. It is one of the top PTC sites of MultiMoneyGroup.

DonkeyMails' website is JillsClickCorner's affiliate site, they are fairly similar in regards to program and website designs. The PTC site was set up a year after DonkeyMails and both offered many opportunities to make cash there. They' been here a while without having to pay their members. DonkeyMails is not an affiliate program that goes 5 steps up.

They can only receive 10% Refer a Friend from your instant Refer a Friend account but the good thing is that they have a very low withdrawal level which makes it very simple to make a withdrawal. As CashCamel has been paying for more than 5 years without any problems, it is one of the few legit PTC sites with no deposit, so it is very simple to withdraw from them.

It' s slowly making cash from this site, because of the low click rate (Aurora script), but they have tonnes of advertisements to offset it. Paradverts is a well-known traffic exchange, but we have added it here because you can make a lot of profit by browsing on it. You can also advertise your own website, your own blogs, recommendation link and affiliated link free of charge.

All you have to do is search another person's website and you can start earning points and more. It' perfectly for those who want to make easy and fast bucks while advertising their website now. You have been in this industry for more than 13 years and have stayed at the top due to your generosity programmes.

With these real PTC sites, you can definitely make additional money without any investments. These are the most dependable paying PTC locations in commerce for many years. These are the best PTC sites because they have strong companies and have never failed to reward their members. To many PTC sites fanatics and professionals, these sites are the most trustworthy PTC sites out there.

Attempt to join PTC fora such as EMoneySpace and TalkPTC to advertise your recommendation link, or take the benefits of social media networks that will certainly help you get more recommendations. You are also recommended to make your own blogs of your favourite PTC pages to get free premium content from them.

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