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Top 10 industries that contributed the most to Google's profits.

View the full Google Merit Report: Which industries contributed to Google's $37.9 billion revenue in 2011? Get your Google AdWords free of charge: Use the Google AdWords Grader to get a free, immediate review of your AdWords PPC content. As Google published its latest quarterly results for the fourth quarter of 2011 on 19 January, investor sentiment was disappointing.

Recent Google results showed that the huge hit didn't live up to expectation and fell behind forecasts by industry analysts. However, the results of Google's latest research were not as good as expected. The Wall Street was stunned - usually Google surpasses expectation with stunning interim financial statements that shoot forecasts out of the blue. Google's first quarter profit releases in April, second quarter profit releases in July and third quarter profit releases in October were quite bullish, and while this more recent profit call is by no means catastrophic, many analysts forecast a more bullish profit release.

GOOG's share prices dropped 10% on the exchange after the publication of Google's fourth-quarter results reporting, reflecting general frustration with Google's 2011 results. Google earns less than forecasted. Why? Researchers were particularly interested to know why Google's CPC ( "cost-per-click") had dropped 8% on its AdWords ad serving, resulting in Google making less sales per click than in years before.

After being bombed during the company's ensuing teleconference, Google CEO Larry Page was explicitly asked not to ask any further CPC related question after the analyst was curious enough to explain this curiosity. These changes have had a number of beneficial results, such as improving the readability of Google advertisements.

This, in turn, increases the number of hits on ads in general, and more hits means lower cost per click. Although this may lead to lower revenues for Google, it means that the Google AdWords and AdSense ad serving solutions will work successfully. For the fourth quarter of 2011, Google announced a profit of $10.58 billion, an improvement of 25% on the fourth quarter of 2010.

General Aviation regulatory compliance net loss for the full year 2011 was $3.51 billion, or 33% of revenue. At $9.50 non-GAAP EPS in the 4th fiscal 2011 quarterly period, the forecast was that Google would report a result of $10.49 per stock. Check out the full Google Finance Guide or the Google 2011 Earning Calender.

Whom are the largest participants in the Google Earnings Call 2011? Whilst the latest Google call for merit may have failed to disappoint advertisers, there is no need to feel sorry for Google - they earned 37.9 billion dollars, mainly due to advertisements that continue to expand. We' ve chosen to create our own Google Merit Review and find out what the top 10 sectors are that contribute to Google's revenue.

It is the financials and insurances sectors that make the largest contributions to the results of our Group. You seem to have it worse and pay up to $43 per click for sector/keyword. Whilst these craft PCs seem laughably high, the ultimative monetary profit of even a sole customer in the financials and insurances sector often makes it valuable to make the expensive snaps.

Also, we uncovered the largely undetected fact that Lowe's alone spend an estimate of over $59 million on Google AdWords, making them Google's best and most loved pay-per-click advertisers. What data did you receive for Google's top-selling infographics? We' ve also used this information to determine the mean CPC price that advertisers who bid on these favourite catchwords are paying.

The next step was to sort these most favorite catchwords into business listings and then use a weighting based on the percentage of each industry's sales to Google 2011 sales (excluding non-advertising sales). Five top advertisers in each sector and their estimates of spending were determined by using information and then using our own category analytics.

How did the estimated expenditure data for this survey come from? To what extent does this survey differ from your infographics to the most costly one? Last year our last survey was an analyze of the most costly Google keys. I' ve had a look at the most costly 10,000 and organised the catchwords I categorise according to their shared theme (e.g. credits and rehabilitation keywords).

These studies concentrated mainly on the questions: "What are the most costly Google AdWords catchwords in relation to click-costs? "In this new survey we concentrated on another question: "Which sectors of industry spends the most on PPC ads? "This survey was much more detailed than our prior one - for this survey we took the 10 million most beloved 2011 catchwords, found their valued keyword PCs, weighed and categorised the dates into different industry sectors.

The results may vary because some sectors (e.g. retail) are spending a great deal on the whole but are not paying much for every single one. And who actually selects Google advertisements? Lots of them are sceptical about how many Google advertisements are viewed. More and more Google PPC advertisements continue to give first class properties to PPCs.

In order to compute the sample keyboard PCs, we used Google's Google Tool and adjusted the target option to US and English. Which were the top financial and insurance issuers? Expenditure in the Finance and Insurance categories was highest: Some of the top keywords for the financial and insurance industry?

"Independent health insurance" "Cheap auto insurance" "Affordable life insurance" "Credit cards for bad loans" "Refinancing mortgages" Who were the biggest spenders in retail and general merchandise? Which were some of the most costly keywords for retailers and general merchandise? "zurba dancing DVD" "preform treadmill" "weber barbecue accessories" "lego action table" "barbie doll" Who spend the most on travel & tourism?

Some of the best-selling keywords for travel & tourism? Which were some of the top keywords for Education & Job? "Online Certificates" "Unemployment Benefit" "Entry-level Jobs" Who were the highest expenses in home and garden? Which were some of the most popular keywords for Home & Garden?

"Household air conditioners" "Windows replacement costs" "Equipment repair" "Cabinet conversion" "Window installation" Who invested the most in computers and consumer electronics? Which were some of the top keywords for computers & consumer electronics? "Online-video conferencing software" "Ink cartridge discount" "E-mail market software" "PC memory" "Antivirus programs" Who were the biggest expenses in the vehicle?

Which were some of the best-selling vehicle catchwords? Which were some of the most competive Internet & Telecommunications metrics? Which were some of the top business & industrialeywords? Which were some of the most competive event & gift catchwords? "Burial Flower Arrangements" "Flower Delivery" "Wedding Gift Registration" "Gift Baskets" "Bridal Registration" How much has the financial and insurance industry spent on Google PPC ads?

Financials and insurance companies spend a combined $4.0 billion on Google pay-per-click advertising. What did retailers and general merchandise management spend on PPC advertisements? Merchants and the general merchandise sector spend a combined $2.8 billion on pay-per-click advertising. What has the travel and tourism sector invested in AdWords advertising?

Travel and tourism spend a combined $2.4 billion on PPC advertisements through AdWords. What has the job and education industries invested in Google AdWords advertisements? Job and education companies spend a combined $2.2 billion on Google AdWords advertisements. What has the home and garden sector invested in AdWords advertisements?

AdWords spending on home and garden advertisements totaled $2.1 billion. What has the computer and consumer electronics industries invested in PPCs? AdWords' computer and consumer electronics industries spend a $2.0 billion dollar aggregate on pay-per-click advertisements. What has the automotive sector invested in Google AdWords adverts?

All in all, the vehicle industy expended $2.0 billion on Google commercials. What has the web and telecommunications industries invested in Google advertisements? Google's ad spend for the web and telecommunications industries was $1.7 billion. What has the business and industrial sectors invested in PPC commercials? Business and industrial companies spend $1.6 billion on Google pay-per-click advertisements.

What has the Used & Poison Industries paid for per click advertisements? Occasional and gift industries used $1.2 billion for PPC advertisements. When most of Google's revenues come from AdWords, where do the other parts come from? Google's income streams also extend to the following: Major Gmail store subscription, enterprise-level web analysis from Google, Google Fiber, Google's Motorola Unity, Google Glass, Google Play (formerly known as Android Marketplace) and many other diverse resources.

Google's biggest source of sales, however, is still Google's advertisement, which operates on the basis of its own research engines and service. In what branch is Google active? Google is mainly active in the online ad sales market, such as Yahoo!, building on Google's revenues streams, but it is also active in the wireless market with the Motorola buy.

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