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25 best advertisements of the year 2018

We look back on the best advertisements of 2018, a year in which our advertising really covered the entire range, from absurd and tongue-in-cheek to heavy and beautiful. As the whole sector has recently thought about whether creativity agents are a race that is becoming extinct, one could have reckoned with a dry spell of ambition in advertising in 2018.

Instead, we have seen that when courageous sellers put their trust in proactive agents, they can provide work that not only reflects the cultural, but also promotes it. Ogilvy Hong Kong replaced the fire in various pictures with KFC's Hot and Spicy roast cockerel, creating a brand ing that earned acclaim from customers and colleagues around the world.

Ogilvy didn't come up with the notion of using roast chickens as a fire (a technology that has been appearing in various parts of the web for years), but they certainly did cook it to perfection. Jillian Martin, stage manager of "Quota: Whilst "Dilly Dilly" may have been a dominant power in advertising and popularity this year, choosing the best ad is a challenging task.

The Bud Light's Super Bowl excursion, "Bud Knight", was unforgettable and showed the arid humour and subtile drama that made the ad campaigns a big success. However, for our budget, the best commercial was "Oracle Susana", made with a smart mix of English and Spanisch to appeal to the World Cup audience.

Not only is the ad fun and catchy, it also showed that the online marketing campaigns of Daniel Billy still have a great deal to discover. Creation Evening early this year, Wieden + Kennedy New York excd Karl Lieberman said the team behind the advertising images of the Creativity Day advertising campaigns, which are on a card similar to the vast geographical coverage of Game of Thrones.

Just think, you get this imaginative challenge: compose a tune that is so evil that it could credibly be named "The Worst Song in the World". Rosapark and their partner producers took up the challenges and built a hilarious and horrible tracks for the food store Monoprix. Knebel is that the ad character can't stop hearing because her handbag is full - which she wouldn't be if she used the promoted courier to deliver.

Undoubtedly, 2018 was an astonishing year for Apple's creativity as you will see in this listing more than once.

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