Top 10 web Hosting Companies

The Top 10 Web Hosting Companies

The best cloud hosting ($2.99/mo) SiteGround: Best WordPress Host ($3. 95/mo) Hostinger: Best low-cost hosting ($0. 80/mo) iPage: The best for small website ($1.99/mo) A small orange: We have ranked Siteground as our number one web hosting company.

HostsGator is a full-service hosting company, with plans for almost every need.

Bluehost, one of the oldest web host began in 1996, has become the biggest name in WordPress hosting. You are an officially WordPress endorsed hosting service company. Your 24/7 professional assistance is always available when you need it by telephone, e-mail or via face-to-face chats. You are the number 1 in web hosting for small companies.

The DreamHost has been around for 18 years and is known for making web hosting simple.

DreamHost supports over 600,000 WordPress Blogs and Sites.

WebsiteGround is one of the most beloved and highest ranked hosting providers in the WordPress comunity. Deliver unparalleled internal WordPress performance and safety features to make your website as safe and safe as possible.

You are also one of the few companies to offer site-specific hosting with 3 datacenters in the USA, Europe and Asia.

They are also the most environmentally responsible hosting companies and an EPA Green Power affiliate. Founded in 1998, over 1 million web sites are hosted by iPhone and iPod touch. It is a well-known WordPress hosting service mark. That makes it the cheapest web hosting vendor on our roster.

Established in 2002, they are a developer-friendly hosting firm that provides all the agility and progressive functionality you need to build your website.

Your competent technical assistance is available around the clock to help you get up and running. SRA2 Hosting is an ideal option for Blogger and website owner who need 99.9% uptime, premium technical maintenance and lots of space to scaling. MPEngine is a VIP WordPress Hosting. Its effortless hosting provides quick and rugged server that can process anything.

Providing automated backup update, day-to-day backup, one-click recovery points, automated data backup, top-tier protection, one-click stay area and more. WEngine is like an armada of WordPress professionals at your side. Trademarks like HTC, FourSquare, SoundCloud, Balsamiq and many others use WordPress hosting (Just sayin') with our engine.

Known for their quick and high level technical assistance, they are known as "Heroic Support".

Your WordPress hosting options include hosting pages, automated updating, and an easy-to-use one-stop shop for managing all your websites. There is a good point why top companies like Motorola, Red Bull, ESPN, Audi and FedEx use Liquid Web. The first and biggest WordPress hosting plattform in the world.

Facely takes care of all the tech details like automated updating, PressArmor safety, day-to-day backup and everything else so you can concentrate on your work. No matter if you are a sole proprietorship, a small enterprise or a large enterprise, you can rely on WordPress to help you keep your souls at ease.

Hosting Hub Web is the simplest way to get your small business present on line. Simple web site building and WordPress controls, together with their stunning level of user friendliness and ease of use, make it difficult to exceed their prices and value. You have excellent tech supports and highly dependable server resources. Launched over 17 years ago, Media Temple is known for managing and hosting the world''s leading virtual media.

Several of the world's largest hosting companies such as Adobe, jQuery, CBS and Samsung use Media Temple for their hosting.

This is not only the cheapest hosting on the web, it is also one of the best.

You have an outstanding level of assistance, but above all an outstanding level of customer care. You are one of the WordPress hosting companies that can provide site-specific web hosting.

It offers either hosted services or VPS and cloud hosting. The HostPapa is known for its affordability and feature-rich hosting based on renewables. Offering a wide range of hosting offers and easy-to-use utilities for novices, they quickly build a pro website without cracking the bank. What's more, they're great for your website and your customers. HostPapa's ultra-fast and budget-friendly VPS hosting offerings give your website ample room to expand.

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