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Tom Vu actor Tom Vu. and Reprographics Services. Dr. Tom Vu, DMD is a very gentle, patient and caring doctor. Latest tweets from Tom Van Vu (@tomvanvu).

Anne Dang - Marie Yang - Tom Vu.


Better known as Tommy or Tom Vu, Tuan Anh Vu (b. December 5, 1957[1]) is a Vietnamese-American online gambler, property developer, and spokesman who has been known as an informational figure since the Late Eighties and Early Nineties. Vu, formerly based in Longwood, Florida[1] and later in California, has withdrawn from property and resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

April 2006 saw him finish 9th in the Season Five World Poker Tour championship and earn $216,585.


tom vu (born December 5, 1957) is a Vietnamese-American property developer and online casino gambler. He' s best known for his infomercial streak from the early eighties and nineties that encouraged his seminaries that pledged to educate the public on how to make millions of dollars off property deals.

Do you know what those guys kept saying to me? Over and over again they said: "Well, Tom Vu, you are a nutty little fellow, here you are, a pauper immigrants, a pauper minorities, don't talk English, don't have any contacts, always and always further, and you try to be wealthy in America! Check out those out there! I' ve got to tell these guys every single one of these times, I' ve kept saying, "You' re a losing man!

Does anyone recall Tom Vu?

Who remembers the belated 80s property guru Tom Vu? He' d also have a pile of bikini girl hang all over the boat he was on while he built his property system. Originaly hosted by biggerpo: I' ve learnt from you that you create 14 year old web designer websites and sell them to Google.

Striking automobiles, a big ship in the sea, working 5 hour a week...all seem to go along with the TV gurus. Initially released by "EricFoster": I' ve learnt from you that you create 14 year old web designer websites and sell them to Google. Wow, hes a true charact.

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