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NewClassifieds Australia's online and local classifieds. Definition of classified ads: a section of classified ads in a publication | meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Place a classified ad in our weekly newsletter The Roundup. Then you have come to the right place! Advertisements are usually boring and commonplace, but not for this creative duo.

Die Cygnet and Channel & Kingston Classifieds

Classifieds" are posted by Southern Services Pty Ltd. Founded in the Huon Valley in southern Tasmania, we are a small, family-run, independently run publishing group. Our company is not associated with other intergovernmental or domestic companies. There are 7 employees working locally, mainly part-time. Classified ads are internally produced on our own high-speed SW printers using Australian 10% recovered papers.

The number of prints per weekly is on call and is adapted to the needs of the reader. The Cygnet and Channel Classifieds and Kingston Classifieds are entirely dependent on the assistance of our advertising clients and our reader supporters. Classified ads are sent to over 170 sites from Kingston North to Dover on a daily basis.

The reader searches for the classified ads and reads them from beginning to end. Kingston classifieds have been continually posted since 1997 and include Kingston, Kingston Beach, Howden, Blackman's Bay and surrounding areas. Cygnet and Channel classifications have been continually released since 1986 and include Cygnet, Middleton, Woodbridge, Kettering, Bruny Island, Snug, Margate, Sandfly, Grove, Ranelagh, Huonville, Glen Huon, Franklin, Geeveston and Dover.

South Business Services Pty Ltd. also operates Cygnet Telecottage and Lovett Art Press and provides private and corporate clients with private color and black and white digitally printed work. The Huon Valley Council has commissioned us to administer the Cygnet Town Hall and the Supper Room.

Definitions and significance of classifieds

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