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Type between My Messages and Today Paper at the bottom of the app for quick access. au Digital Print Edition! You can now read Advertiser.

com. au Digital Print Edition anytime, anywhere. We present our brand new app for smartphones and tablet PCs. Check out the latest local news for Lafayette, LA with the Daily Advertiser Mobile App.

The advertiser in the App Store.

You can download the advertiser's new iPhone and iPad app today! Advertiser App offers award-winning reporting on current affairs, political affairs, criminality, economics and opinions, AFL and other key sporting events, as well as a digitized copy of print and more. It is the best way to never miss the important Adelaide and SA story, and everything is fine if you have it at hand.

Advertiser app for iPhone and iPad can be downloaded and used for free, but for accessing it it is easier to register for member-only only. Membership-only offers you full digitally accessible coverage of tens of thousands upon tens of millions of subscriber histories, digitally recreated papers, riddles, comics, and more of what you like. Subscribing is also easy:

1 ) Sign up through the app (via iTunes) to launch your 30-day free evaluation and your monthly fee will be $29.99 per year. Your membership term will be extended if it is not deactivated at least 24 hrs before the end of the actual term. You will be billed $29.99 per monthly for your monthly membership fee to your debit or debit card via your Apple Store balance.

Management of your subscription is possible at any point in your iTunes preferences, including renewals and cancels.

First steps | The advertiser

Bring your important messages to your cell phone or tray.... Get the latest from Australia's best educated and award-winning journalism group. Receive the messages when they appear 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, in My Messages. You can also customize your message alert in the Settings section of the All Sections section. In MyNews you can customize your Newsfeed and change your settings at any point to go directly to the important messages for you.

Browse the Current PaperBrowse the current page at any time, anywhere with the perfect copy of the page as it was made. As soon as you are in the advertiser app, just choose the All sections option (three vertical). Choose "Login" and type in your e-mail and your username and your username for your subscription. Just choose your log-in from this command line and type in your member information to make sure you are getting access to your member-only services.

Which are my messages and how can I customize my My Messageseed? Allows you to customize your own current Newsfeed so that you get directly to what's important to you. Just choose your theme under "Edit" in the top right-hand corner and you can change it at any given moment.

Can I customize my message alerts? Just choose the All sections (three vertical lines) at the bottom of the app and then Preferences. In the preferences panel, you will find alerts where you can turn the alerts you want to get on and off. Today's paper, what is it?

Today newsprint is a digitized reproduction of the type of newsprint that is produced every workday. How can I find a previously loaded piece of hard copy or a lifting out? Just touch Settings from the All Sections drop-down list to organize your settings for automatically deleting downloads. Describes how to reread the Today's Papers off-line. Just browse if you are Wi-Fi or linked to a wireless network, then after downloading you can find the hard copy or elevator in your local book store and view it if your machine is not linked to the web.

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