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Reach the desired customers by advertising on television. It is not that television advertising is on the verge of extinction, but the business model of television advertising is in a period of great change. Cengage Learning says television advertising still applies when advertisers make media purchases. It is not an easy task to keep up with the terminology of today's TV advertising methods. Television advertising that combines your message with customer-oriented, brand-safe content tailored specifically to your audience.

Costs for Advertising II: Advertising on Kabelfernsehen

Research shows that humans are spending more working days on television than on any other media. Nearly 99% of households in the United States have at least one television set. TV advertising has repeatedly proved to be more efficient than newspapers and radios. Unfortunately, such an efficient instrument is not inexpensive.

A 30-second TV ad during Prime Timing can be up to 30x more expensive than a TV ad during " Take your shot " during the prime listing "Drive Time". "For many small and medium-sized enterprises with a small advertising base, domestic television advertising is not a feasible choice. This does not mean, however, that you cannot use this efficient instrument.

An inexpensive option to conventional television advertising is to put these advertising costs into your TV bill. More than half of US households now subscribes to cables. Lifetime, Nickelodeon, FX...Television has expanded from the first three large television network to several hundred television cables, and humans are shifting their view from Everybody Love's Raymond and ER to Nip/Tuck and the Sopranos.

Featuring everything from mature networking platforms such as USA, Lifetime and CNN to aspiring broadcasters such as HGTV, Oxygen and TLC, wireline advertising has become a new, accessible way for companies to take full benefit of television advertising. The benefits of wire advertising in terms of target, frequencies and costs of advertising make it one of the largest advertising carriers.

Wireline advertising is a cheaper option to television advertising, typically 10 to 20% of the costs of normal airtime. IPTV' premiere TV commercials, which can be $2,000 to $3,000 per commercial, typically come at around $175 per wire. A 30-second ad in a suburb can only be spent $25 per ad on CNN and ESPN channel, $20 on Nickelodeon and TNN channel, and $15 on VH-1 channel.

Indeed, companies in smaller cities can buy spots for only $2 to $3 per commercial on wire. With more programmes and specialised TV programmes available on cables, it is even simpler to address a group. You can not only select certain periods when you think that a certain public will watch like the conventional network; the wired network allows you to select whole channel devoted to a group.

Enterprises can even set a specific season for advertising. As an example, a snowboard and skateboard selling business that may not have a massive advertising budgets can invest its advertising costs in executing all of its advertisements during "The X Games" on ESPN 2. And because they spend less per ad, they can buy more airtime than on normal network sites and increase it.

Even though wireline advertising is definitely the cheapest way to advertise on TV, someone still has to make your ad before it gets on TV. Producing a commercials can be much more costly than just creating a classified ad or taking a picture of a newscast. It is easy for a crisp, memorable TV ad to be $100,000 or more high.

Promotional advertising or TV manufacturing sites are usually the best businesses for the creation of high value advertising that will enhance your businesses effectiveness. Some TV channels and cables, however, are producing advertising films for much less than advertising agents and can even pack the productions with airtime. However, if you use this feature, make sure that you verify that the commercially available nature and contents proposed by the TV program or broadcaster successfully represents your organization.

The simple production of an advertising spot and the placement in the wire does not lead to results. The use of poorly crafted advertising, the purchase of cheap latenight advertising that few viewers see, or the mere placement of an ad a few spots on TV, will likely be a wastage of good advertising costs. Unless you have the cash to create a good TV spot and afford to spend enough advertising space to get to your intended audiences, wireline advertising may not be the right media for you.

But if the money is available and your targeted group can be accessed via wired network, wired advertising can be the most efficient media for your advertising campaigns. Call your nearest CATV operator's point of sale to find out your current prices and service areas. Allow yourself some free space to create an advertising schedule, complete with budgetary restrictions, business plans, and the length of your advertising campaig.

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