Tech Support Affiliate Program

Technical Support Partner Program

Make money by promoting our products/services through our free affiliate program. Participate in the Avanquest Software Affiliate Program and maximize the potential of your website or blog! The program pays generous commissions and incentives. You can earn up to one commission with our affiliate program. Have a website that sells programming services.

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 Avanquest Softwares is a premier provider and distributor of best-selling consumer and commercial desktop publishing solutions. We have a wide variety of solutions ranging from desktop utilities and protective applications to small businesses and home offices. In our partner program, we provide over 100 different softwares, many of which are prize winning and bestselling.

The Avanquest Software will pay 25% of your referral fee plus up to $600 per months in bonuses. Knowing that affilates are inundated with information from their dealers. Please find all our products and program up-dates in our Affiliate-Blog: There is also a weekly newsletters that covers all ad update for that particular months, and issues e-mails about pressing program changes or larger campaigns.

Proud to know what an affiliate expects from a trader. In addition to large payments and effective communications, the provision of pages that can be translated into revenue is critical. Our own distribution monitors our own page converting and only includes those good converting items in the program. One that actually picks up the receiver when it ring-and even returns e-mails immediately.

At Avanquest Software we have many lucky partners - let's make one of them yours!

Tech Team Affiliate Program

The program is simple to use and does not require any special skills. Partner schemes are spread throughout the web and provide companies with an added way to earn revenue, and provide website, community site, blogs owner, value-added resellers and more a way to earn more. Associates earn revenue and revenue for paid sites and earn a fee.

Avantech, one of the United States' premier IT support firms, offers small and mid-sized enterprises and small office environments a full spectrum of IT support solutions including service, anti-virus, secure server backups, secure server backups, and more! If you join our affiliate program, you will be given permission to enter an affiliate area where you can get your affiliate link and your own link banners placed on your own website, on your own community website (such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc.) or via e-mail.

Clicking on one of your hyperlinks redirects a visitor to our website and our affiliate tracking system tracks their activities. Each time the client buys something on our website, you will get a 50% introductory fee and a periodic fee calculated on your service. In addition, you will recieve an extra fee for all other shopping you make with us.

In order to receive an invitation, please get in touch with us and let us know how you would like to promote the services....

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