The TAAP is an initiative for integrative development. Are you looking for an online definition of TAAP or what does TAAP stand for? The TAAP consists of individuals, addiction counsellors, prevention specialists and others who have a direct interest in addiction. The sculptures are sponsored by the Visual Arts Commission and are part of this year's The Art Advocacy Project, TAAP for short. Become a member of TAAP/NAADAC, the association for addiction specialists.


In order to bring about a transformative societal transformation, MDGs must involve everyone, both from a rights-based and an evidence-based point of view. The TAAP is an integrative DC project. TAAP, which means Transforming Agency, Access, and Power, employs professionals, organisations and policy makers to strengthen the voice, opportunity and worth of all human beings.

TAAP is all-purpose, inter-sectional and transformational - we are the first to combine these three components into a single unified effort. Understanding that the individual's societal identities contain several composite strata.

TAAP's approaches recognise the impact of intersectionality-the way in which a person's diverse societal identity interacts to give advantages or disadvantages. Recognizing that transformational societal transformation results not only from working with those who are lacking in capacity, accessibility and empowerment - but also with those who have it.

The TAAP method is a transformation that transforms discriminatory, inequitable and enormous disparities in powers into integrative social results. TAAP is an analytic frame, a number of five principals and a range of hands-on approaches to integrate generic and transformational policies and practice during a single life-cycle of projects.

Assign the containment landscape: Put integration prospects at the centre of all our work. Promotion of possibilities for changes. Using the toolset will ensure that integration of inclusiveness and inclusiveness into each stage of the lifecycle is achieved. TAAP activity is divided into four successive stages with two transversal stages.

Begin each phase and perform all activity, or choose the activity that is most pertinent to your current projects or where you are on your inclusive itinerary.

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