Sunday Weekly Ads

Weekly Sunday ads

A lot of people no longer get the Sunday newspaper, so they don't get the weekly Sunday sales ads or coupons! See you tomorrow - Cardenas Markets Weekly Ad. To Sunday - Home Depot Shop Pro Ad. The Advertiser, Sunday Mail and Messenger publications. Weekly Office Depot advertisement - low prices for office supplies, office furniture, office supplies.

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It' s an important way to communicate our top and value offerings to our customers - and for those who want the printed edition, we are in the process of adding a planetary new functionality. We have been using our weekly advertisement on recovered papers in many stores for years - but this Sunday, 25 February, we will be switching to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) approved papers.

The FSC is the world's most trustworthy and globally recognised forestry industry certificate system. This means that FSC-certified goods always come from responsible forestry and that the humans and livestock that rely on these resources are sheltered. So, yeah, it's a big thing for the black eye. The FSC accreditation for some of our FSC branded forestry equipment is an important milestone in our efforts to achieve the targets of our own branded forestry equipment by 2022.

Our Spritz range of stationery will be 100% FSC-certified by the end of 2018 and we currently provide our customers with a range of FSC-certified items in a number of other divisions that include Health, Home and Home & All. Sign up for our biweekly A Bullseye View email and receive the top A Bullseye View news directly to your emailbox!

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