Stuffing Wedding Envelopes

Filling of wedding envelopes

Then insert the reply card under the flap, face up, so that the printed side is visible. You should still put the reply card under the flap of the supplied envelope and not inside it. Fast step-by-step instructions on how to properly assemble your wedding invitation ensemble with double wedding envelopes. This is a layout of all the invitations in the correct order, starting from the back of the envelopes to the front flap. The efficient compilation of your wedding invitations requires preparation.

There are 6 tips for wedding invitations

It' s hard for us to tell you, but choosing your invite theme and placement of your order is only the first part of the invite procedure. The next special feature is to put each suites together in an envelop, contact them (correctly) and find out the correct shipping costs. Take enough of your own moment to approach and fill all these envelopes.

If you ( and maybe your lavish wedding celebration ) are doing the work, here are some guidelines: You should insert the SRVP chart into the cover of the response envelop (so that the cover will cover part of the text). Put everything in the inner cover so that the text is directed outwards - so invitees can reread the invite as they take it out.

Place the unlocked inside cover in the outside cover with the guest's name on the outside. Please note: Inside envelopes are not necessary and are reserved for traditionally invited people. They do not want their visitors to hand in their envelopes without stamps by post or paying taxes to your company.

You can make it easier for them to respond by pre-embossing the cover of the RS232. Prior to sending your wedding invitation, ask Swiss Post to weight a fully mounted cover so you know exactly how many envelopes you will need. While this may seem a boring move, the option may mean that your invitation will be given back due to inadequate shipping costs, which is your total wedding plan time line for a cycle.

Inserts usually add to your mailing costs, so remember that if you decide to include a card or receipt card and the kind of document on which it will be sent, you will be asked to make sure that you do so. Postal centre machinery can only handle certain forms and dimensions of envelopes - usually rectangulars of a size of at least 3.5 x 5 inch to a size of at most 6.125 x 11 inch.

When your envelop has a strange form (e.g. square), even if it fits into these sizes, you can end up with a 20 cents non-editable charge per envelop. If your invite does not match the non-machinable requirements, consider the additional charge for manual processing - it guarantees that your post will be handled by one individual and not by a sorting device that can twist or dirty envelopes.

A further possibility is manual cancellation (only a postmark indicating that your email is being processed). Usually this is a free service, but first ask your postal service if they have a manual cachet. A big reservation: Most postal services try to keep the manually cancelled letters separated from the postal service, but there is no warranty that your invitation will not go through the converting machine.

With all the work you've put into your envelopes and invites, make them look great. Customising a stamping for your wedding environment is a great way to personalise it, and it is the first opportunity you have to show off your wedding subject. Some of the tailor-made stamps we adore are Shutterfly, Wedding Paper Divas, Etsy, Minted or, the classical option, USPS.

There is also the possibility to work with a stationery retailer to create a personalised Porto that suits your invite designs or colours. Don't neglect to order enough for your own envelopes. Submit your invites six to eight week before the wedding - or 10 to 12 week in advance if you have a target wedding.

Find out how to adress your envelopes here. You are not sure where to start your wedding plan? Join our Style Quiz and we'll put together an individual wedding quiz and vendor that's just right for you. Then, build a free, personalised wedding website to inform (and excite!) your invitees about your plan, and a time-saving guest list manager to organise yourendees.

Synchronize your guest list manager and wedding website to keep everything up to date all at once.

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