Stuffing an Envelope

Filling an envelope

If you are ready to send your wedding invitations, this is the right way to mount them in the envelopes: What does it matter where the invitation goes in the envelope? Anne and Jason have summer jobs filling envelopes for two different companies. You can combine your envelope filling order with any other part-time or freelance activity that you have performed during the same period. They' re offering to pay you for every full envelope.

Which is the right way to put a postcard in the envelope?

Ladies and gentlemen, cards label, I am feeling ridiculous when I ask this but what is the right way to put a postcard in an envelope? Believe it or not, Amy, a lot of folks ask that kind of questions! For a long time it has been a discussion at all label party where Mrs Cards Etikette participates. Do you want the crease to go up or down?

Do you want the front of the board to face the envelope or backside? A few people have insisted that the envelope with the folded side of the envelope should be filled with the postcard so that no cash or other items come out and that the mail knife does not cut the postcard open.

Others are determined that the crease must go into the envelope so that the front of the opening cards faces up and is readable. Myself I put the cards in the envelope with the folding and the front of the cards to the back of the envelope.

This way they can see the map when they open the envelope.

Getting your invitations together the right way

If you get your honeymoon invites from the printers, you'll probably be so enthusiastic that you'll begin filling your envelope - but if your honeymoon invite is made up of more than one card and piece, you might be asking yourself how to put together the right honeymoon invite. Begin with the nuptial invite that you should place openly.

When a piece of silk wrapping has been added to each invite, it's up to you whether you keep it in or not. To keep the fabric in the invite room, place the fabric on the bridal invite. Put the receipt note (if applicable) face up on the invitations (or the silk wrap if you have attached it).

Open all other insert tickets, such as a ticket or your accommodation ticket. When there is more than one housing board, the order does not play a role unless they are of different size. When they are of different size, begin with the biggest housing board and work your way through to the smallest.

Put the answer envelope face down on the sidechart. Place the response coupon under the response envelope door, face up, so that the face is exposed. Please note: If the invite is a folding type invite, all inserts will be placed within the folding type invite and not at the top. When using two covers (an inner cover and an outside cover), put the now ready composite invite suites into the inner cover (left margin first for an invite with a separate cover; fold margin first for a fold invite).

If the envelope door is opened, you should see the side print on the envelope. Put the inner envelope in the outside envelope so that the hand-written guest numbers you have placed on the inner envelope are clearly legible when you open it. When using only one envelope (an outside envelope), put the fully composite invite set into the envelope (left margin first for a separate invite; fold margin first for a fold invite).

If the envelope door is opened, you should see the side print on the envelope. Now you know how to fill your honeymoon envelope like a professional!

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