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strategic marketing affiliates, Inc. provides licensing representation and consulting services to academic institutions and conferences in the United States and Canada. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about Strategic Marketing Affiliates in Indianapolis, IN. Find out why View Strategic Marketing Affiliates Inc location, sales, industry and description. Receive instructions, reviews and information for Strategic Marketing Affiliates in Indianapolis, IN.

Chandler, Arizona.

First and foremost, SMA offers a range of license brokerage activities to educational institutions, which include trade mark and trade mark administration and consultancy.

First and foremost, SMA offers a range of license brokerage activities to educational institutions, which include trade mark and trade mark administration and consultancy. "We look forward to working with the SMA and LRG team to pool our activities and extend our service to our partners," Brown said. This group comprises ticketing, franchises, gastronomy and the SIDEARM Sports online portal.

SMA is a full-service license organisation formed in 1997 and headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. SMA is the world's leading provider of software and software solutions for intellectual property, managing the trade mark license programme for these organizations and giving them easy and effective entry to SMA's trade mark creation, intellectual property rights management and sales generating capabilities. SMA' s highly experienced license and marketing staff has an unprecedented and forward-thinking approach to student license management and has become a leading player in the field.

This 17-year-old boutique is the U.S.'s fasted expanding college license agent with offices in Georgia, Indiana, Illinois, New York, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.

Licence award 2007/2019

Learnfield Sports founds licensing co. Earlier this year Learfield Sports concluded the process of integrating the recently purchased Resource Group and Strategic Marketing Affiliates and established Learfield licensing partners. License Expo is the world's biggest and most powerful yearly exhibition for licencing and expansion. Each year, more than 5,000 trademarks and 16,000 retail dealers, licencees, producers, distributors and licence representatives visit License Expo from more than 67 nationalities.

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The Lake Erie College uses Strategic Marketing Affiliates (SMA) as the prime licensee for Storm Athletics. Simplifies the licensee license procedure, enforces license agreement, markets the Lake Erie College Storm Athletics trademark to prospective vendors, oversees the unauthorized trademark usage space, performs regulatory reviews of licensee vendors.

To manufacture Storm Athletics branded product, the manufacturer and seller must be a Lake Erie College license holder. Requests shall include directions on how to conclude the license request stage and information that must be retained by licensors during the license procedure.

Eriesee has set a licence fee of 10% of the wholesaler fee for a single item. On Strategic Marketing Affiliates: Strategic Marketing Affiliates, Inc. was formed in 1997 and is a full-service license agent that has quickly become a market-leading college marketing company. SMA' s Indianapolis (IN) office combined marketing and license expertise with a forward-thinking mindset to keep its brand new, vigorous and above all efficient.

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