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You can then switch Flash ads without a flasher. Please click HERE to see the web banner design service for animated and static banners. Ads Dynamics: the three key features that Dynamic Rich Media leverages to increase Web traffic, improve engagement, and increase ROI. If you sell advertising on your website, you need to adjust the ad mix correctly. It may not be obvious from a design perspective why animated banner ads stand out more than static ones.

Dynamical advertising vs. static banner advertising

Let's be honest, high value contents are difficult to produce and keep alive, be it on a website or in a banner ad. Perhaps we all agreed that a website or blogs that is updated every day with new contents will probably catch and keep more faithful supporters than a website that never changes.

In addition, contents that appeal to the visitor and generate a dialog are even more effective. However, there are challenging and sometimes conflicting issues between static and dynamic advertising contents. For example: websites; eBooks; white papers; PC ads; online ads; banner ads; social networking ads; one-way video and onlineinars. Eagles observed among you may think that video and a webinar or banner are "dynamic" because they move or alter over the course of your life, but each of them is really an incident that does not alter, with a beginning, a center, an end and a sole end.

Reduced time: You just need to generate the ad once and post it to more than one channel. Contents can be reused and re-published, but most static contents just sit there and wait for folks to find them. Fixed ads are good for heavily regulatory sectors where all contents must be thoroughly checked and validated.

Unique offer: good for first-time buyers, but poor for return buyers. What makes a user come back to your site if the contents are always the same? The static contents are comparable to a TV spot. For example: blogging, RSS feeding, community news gathering, web site intelligence and email (post-conversion email personalised for a lead), indigenous and personalised ads.

Increase your Conversion Rates: Many researches have shown that personalised, relevent contents are converted at a much higher converting speed than static contents. Greater loyalty: Research has also shown that personalised contents that change with the times and circumstances are much more likely to lead to repeated visitors and subscription than static contents. Googles and other popular browsers react favorably to new, vibrant information, especially information that is divided and signed up for.

Costly: It requires a lot of patience and patience to regularly create high value blogs or create multi Persona and multi Buyers Trips based online marketing campaigns. Switching to a vibrant media delivery policy means in most cases switching from a product-centric broadcasting to an in-depth, customer-centric one. It can be difficult for executives and established, old-fashioned marketing companies to absorb.

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