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Operating your own travel agency from home brings a number of challenges and benefits, so before you get on, make sure it's the right train for you. Customize to your target market. Don't let your customers down. Would you like to specialise in corporate and business travel or leisure travel? Would you like to have your own travel agency?

start-up costs and revenue of the travel agency: Awaiting you

Turns out there's one area we haven't addressed yet...and that's what kind of start-up cost (and revenue) can you have? Following our revealing 2018 Travel Agency Revenue Survey, we wanted to give tour operators an insight into the crystalline sphere when it came to the cost and revenue of setting up new travel agencies:

What does it take to set up a travel agency? What do travel agencies make when they start? How do new travel agency proprietors face shared challanges and reward? What is the growth of your earning capacity with experiences and trainings? Although we do not have a crystalline sphere, we have a great deal of information from our 2018 revenue collection.

Using this information, we give travel agencies an indication of what they can look forward to when setting up a domestic travel agency in relation to start-up times, travel agency start-up expenses and revenue potentials. Whom is the Hosted Travel Agent in 2018?

What travel agency specialities generate the most revenue? If you think of the start-up cost of the travel agency, you can be expected to let a token fall and budget the expenditure, inclusive (but certainly not restricted to):

That' s why we asked you which travel companies have founded their travel agency from 2016 until today: "Approximately how much did you spend on your travel agency to start? Travel agency investments in the establishment of their travel agency averaged 3,170 US dollars. $3,170 per travel agency covered all domestic travel companies, whether they bought a deductible, were part of a travel syndicate, had their own badge number, or were sponsored by a Hostag agency (Not sure what a Hostag agency is? Read this).

Travel agencies that are host, have their own credentials, or work with a syndicate had an estimated $1,563 in start-up fees.

Start-up expenses for travel agencies for travel agencies with a hosta agency ranged from $0-$15,000. 3 percent of this business said they would invest more than $2,000 in commissioning. Excursion agency deductible startup costs: Franchising companies typically pay more than just beginning with their own credentials, consortium membership or hosting.

However, as with the choice of a hosting agency/consortia, there is also a wide spectrum of start-up expenses for travel agencies for franchising companies. Start-up expenses for a travel agency franchise ranged from $3,900 to $24,000. A travel agency's start-up expenses averaged US$ 13,488. We have not included in our overall view of the 2018 Revenue survey item any revenue information from agencies with less than 3 years of exposure.

It is not because we are trying to be the new children on the snob pad, but because we realize that it will take the travel agencies a while to raise their revenues.

This means that if you are a new agency and in September hire a customer for his next holiday travel in the next year, you have to go through autumn and autumn and win through before you see this mission!

Therefore, when an agency was established in 2018, we did not request any revenue information as only a few agencies have already been selling trips and receiving commissions.

Tour operators, whose main sources of revenues are travel sales, recorded significantly higher revenues on avarage.

But before you drop your computer in a pool and run it with a scream, I'd like to tell you some very good news: Revenues will rise after the first year of travel!

Revenues of travel agencies increased as time went on, with the exceptions of travel agencies which recorded 12-14 years of travel time.

Well, how do you get ready for all the ups and downs that a travel agency launch brings with it? It is probably no wonder that the most frequent challenges for new recruits have been to "find" customers with a 47.8% return ratio.

Representatives with more than 3 years of field history report that "competing with OTAs" was the most challenging with a 22% return ratio. The 1% decline in the return ratio shows that the challenges of attracting customers are diminishing over the years.

Would you like to know how travel agencies can "compete" with the OTA? For more customers, take a look at some of our strategy to find your customers on online community services, our $100 advertising campaign or three simple ways to win more customers.

Using some network and merchandising bold elbows (hopefully using the above mentioned *note, hint* resources), customers will find their way to your doorstep! Way to go, travel agencies! Often travellers are writing in search of various possibilities for travel agency trainings, educations and/or further trainings.

Like most things related to the travel business, there is no unique exercise programme that is perfect for any travel agency. We have discussed the issue of travel agency accreditation in detail here and have a travel agency learning and educational tool. Senior Travel Institute (TI) certified travel agency professionals report an annual mean revenue of 20.

8 percent* above the total median revenue recorded in our 2018 Travel Agency Revenue Survey-$48,764 with TI certified versus $40,377 without TI certified. Whilst the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) is a travel agency federation (no trainings or certifications), it is noteworthy that members of that federation recorded a significantly higher revenue of $52,565-a 30 among travel agencies with experience.

2 %* above the overall mean. However, new recruits were not far behind those who were more seasoned in the benefits of TI accreditation and ATA membership. 2 percent of new recruits (0-2 years experience) said they were members of ASTA versus 26 percent for seasoned recruits.

7 percent of new agent respondents said they had received TI accreditation - with CTA, CTE and/or TAP testing included - versus 15 percent. Three percent among seasoned operatives. For travel agencies, prospective customers look good! The start-up cost of travel agencies is reasonable, and our 2018 poll confirms what we thought - that it will take several years for an agency to come onto the market and generate a sustained revenue stream.

We would be happy to hearing from you - new and seasoned operatives as well! For how long did it take for your agency to become sustained? Have you noticed that the start-up cost of your travel agency is comparable to that of the advert? What do you wish for agent with a few years under your belt, what did you do differently?

Where do you see the need for extra assistance from new agencies? * corrected on 27 July 2018. Originally, the postal service falsely indicated that the Travel Institute's increment was 17.

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