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What happened to the affiliate program? Choose the shopping cart as "square area" and copy the given code. Log in to your Squarespace shopping cart. With Squarespace it is easy to create attractive pages in a short time. Easy to use Squarespace website templates and design services.

"We have an affiliate program if you want to advertise on your website: http://t.co/doDVPAwh".

Do you have a program for resellers who use Squarespace as a plattform for their customer? What happend with the affiliate program? @nickartman We do not currently have an affiliate program. @SquarespaceHelp an affiliate program would be fantastic! I've been building 12 pages for Squarespace users over the last few month. more to follow.

@SquarespaceHelp interesting...I have submitted an online job interview. Are there any references or meters describing the program's work? RaisingAnActor We do not currently have an affiliate program, but we will be pleased to submit a features inquiry. Does this @Squarespace still work? Your affiliate program is still running?

Where' s your affiliate program?

Is Squarespace offering a partner or recommendation program?

Now the program is shut down :( I'm not sure why it was shut down, but it is. Squarespace has had affiliate programmes in the past, but there are none at the moment. Here is a tweet from January 2013 that refers to a page for the Squarespace affiliate program. This will now take you back to the home page.

You have just finished your affiliate program with Impact Radius! There was no reference to why or in which way it should go.

Is it possible to set up an affiliate program for my product?

LeadDyno is integrating into SquareSpace. We' ll be glad to do the set-up for you or show you the few easy things you need to do to make your affiliate program work with your SquareSpace website. Offering a straightforward yet feature-rich affiliate monitoring solution that fits very well into Squarespace.

When you need help, please use our online help request page to get in touch with us. Is there any program out there we can just type into the fuel injector? Right now, the best way I can think about doing this is to provide a Squarespace Trade Tool rebate key for each affiliate and then manuell tracking all purchases made with that key.

Doing so would necessitate that the partners rely on you to sum up the sells that come in with their codes sincerely, and would also provide for a little work on your part. Pretty much as good as using a cookie and a current affiliate track program, but it's something.

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