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Affiliate Program

Many thanks for your interest in the Bonanza Partner Program. Get the most out of our affiliate program! A number of partner programs offer scholarships to students participating in their programs. Distributed independently to Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, Pandora & more. There is no better contact than Alexis Teichmiller from ConvertKit when it comes to running a successful affiliate marketing program.

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Has Spotify an affiliate program? Did anyone use it?

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What made Spotify discontinue its referral program?

In its early years - around 2014 - Spotify had a recommendation program, but has since discontinued it. For the following reason, this was a rather conservative recommendation program: Generally, two-way recommendation schemes work best - but if you really insist on awarding only one person, it is better to award the other.

The majority of individuals value their relationship more than a few bucks, and find it a little tasteless to benefit from their boyfriends without giving anything back. First thing is your friend doesn't get anything. Secondly, you need five boyfriends to register before you get anything.

That means if you only get four boyfriends to sign up, nobody gets anything. Guess they might have achieved better results if they gave both lawyer and boyfriend a free Spotify Premium weeks for every successfull recommendation. What made Spotify stop their recommendation program? It was probably the same thing that was happening with PayPal's recommendation program.

The PayPal project began quite literally by giving consumers cash to recommend their boyfriends - $10 to both the lawyer and the boyfriend. When they began winning tens of thousands of customers, PayPal's networking effect ("everyone uses it") ensured that they could log in without any incentives. Something similar probably happened for Spotify - they recently traversed 50,000,000,000 paid subscribers.

Often folks are sharing Spotify play lists on musical pages like /r/listentothis. They can reasonably presume that things like commitment and improvement in the value of their offer are more likely to count than winning more clients over recommendations. However, Spotify still wants a recommendation program. It is clear that recommendation programmes, such as loyality programmes, are something that clients want and want from companies.

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