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affiliates: Find online sports betting websites with our offers based on Revenue Share Commission or CPA. On what is to be paid attention with a sport bet partner program? There may be a minefield while you are looking for a decent sports betting affiliate program, and here are some things. Affiliate sports betting programs that are rated and evaluated by thousands of other affiliates like you. Don't you know if I post this in the proper forum, but does anyone know the best sportsbook affiliate programs?

Sportsbetting Affiliate Programs | Gaming Affiliates Guide

Following sports betting, the next big thing is sports betting and mobility management. Sports betting has been around for 15 years and now the portable sports betting market is starting as more and more people turn to their cell phone to place their wagers. They even create applications for iPhone, Android and Blackberry, so gamers can sign up and place wagers with ease while not sitting on their desktops or laptops.

Others are Windows Phone 7 and Symbian. By 2015, it is anticipated that portable sports bets will exceed either the amount of bets or the number of standard machines. Please find below the complete listing of Affiliate Sportsbook programmes and scanning this listing according to turnover percentage, costs per purchase (CPA) and sub-affiliate fee rate.

There are some affiliate bonus offers available that you won't find anywhere else.

Sports Betting Affiliate Programs

The IGB Affiliate Awards are presented at The Brewery in London. Sportwetten Partner Resource Centre! There is a personal board for sports betting partners to post hints and suggestions with other partners. Our company is an independant information provider that does not own a gambling room, cash game, gambling room or sportsbook.


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On what is to be payed attention with a sport bet partner programme? You can either be remunerated on Net Gaming Revenue (NGR), which is referred to as Revenue-Share, where you are usually remunerated for between 25-35% of what your Members earn for the Home, or you have remunerated a certain amount, known as Call Per Acquisition (CPA), where you are remunerated for between $100 and $300 per Member, based on the skill and amount of Members you play.

As a rule, we favour the revenueshare program. The way you advertise and mail new clients is very important, to which brand you mail your clients. If you have a website for equestrian gaming, for example, make sure you mail to a sports bookmaker that offers discounts to your gamblers to keep them longer and happy, and a casino-focused website that sends you to a provider of great online gaming bonuses and gambling. provides one of the best and most thrilling sport betting affiliate programmes on the Internet. You are the and partner programme for sport betting. Gamblers who like to gamble on sport, place bets at the online Casino and gamble on-line help you make money. You will work with US, EU and Canada companies.

You have very few limitations on players, which makes them an excellent option for most affilates.

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