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Marketing GMR - The company offers what it calls "live marketing" and specializes in the promotion of sports and entertainment events. As one of the fastest growing sports marketing companies in Denver, we continue to thrive in this industry! Headquartered in Chicago, rEvolution is an independent, fully integrated sports and lifestyle marketing and media agency designed for brands. Leading entertainment marketing agency for music and sports companies in Nashville, New York, Los Angeles and other countries. There are only very large companies that will be able to invest heavily in sports marketing.

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Revolutions Media Inc. ARC Document Solutions Co. <font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents Black Sports Inc. Seniors Tour Players, Inc. Sector Gadon & Rosen P.C. Speedway Motorsports, Inc. Sports Dimensions, Inc. America Inc. Sport Media, Inc. <font color="#ffff00">Sports Partners International, Inc. SportHD Productions, Inc. SportNet Inc. Race Sensation Team, LLC.

The Team Sports, Inc. United States Tybalt Marketing Inc. The World Golf Tour Inc.

Most valuable sports agencies in the world 2017

Increasingly, with the escalation of press licensing agreements, increasing pay rises and huge injections of money into sports professionals' sports divisions, athletes' contract numbers are higher than ever and sports agencies' businesses are thriving. At the top of the ranking is once again the Creative Artists agency (CAA), whose 8.5 billion dollar worth of contract is more than the sum of the next three agents.

This deal - nearly $1 billion last year alone - will bring the $318 million in commission to the broker. What is even more striking is that each of the CAA departments itself is dominating its own sports; the agency's five teams of players, the soccer and ice hockey departments are in first place, the hockey department in second and the ball department in third place.

Indeed, the CAA's soccer department alone has been negotiating about $3.5 billion in NFL agreements - more than any other agencies on the roll. Administered by just two major players - No. 9 Pat Brisson and No. 17 J.P. Barry - the divisions represent more than $1.82 billion in players' deals, outperforming No. 9 Newport Sports Management as the world's most valued ice hockey game.

Unsurprisingly, CAA has a top 11 agent rating on this year's top five of the world's top 20 sports agencies. CAA's largest agreements include the five-year record-breaking $135 million contract recently Matthew Stafford and Detroit Lions recently entered into; the $240 million 10-year Seattle Mariners contract with Robinson Cano (signed in December 2013);

To consolidate itself as the most precious No. 2 agent is Excel Sports Management, whose 3.4 billion dollars in deals represent an $300 million rise over the previous year. Established by Jeff Schwartz in 2002, Excel is now home to the No. 1 of basketball, No. 2 of ball games and No. 2 of online gaming.

He is the world's leading hoops player and leads a list of more than 60 NBA gamers, four of them - Blake Griffin, Kevin Love, Andre Drummond and C.J. McCollum - with stores worth more than $100 million. An affiliate, Casey Close is the No. 3 of the baseball agents who brokered a $215 million seven-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers (signed in January 2014) and Masahiro Tanaka's $155 million seven-year deal with the New York Yankees (signed in the same month).

Highlight Steinberg, the No. 1 Golf media in the worlds No. 1, will represent Tiger Woods, Justin Rose, Matt Kuchar and Justin Thomas for Excel, while Alan Sugar Marketing will be responsible for some of the greatest names in sports and entertainment. 3. Excel is significantly smaller than CAA, but its revenues per broker and per customer are significantly higher, demonstrating that it is possible to establish a very effective multi-sport advertising firm while sustaining a multi-agency retail store franchise.

Rising one point, to No. 3, Los Angeles-based Wasserman, is about $2. 7 billion in treaties and $135 million in committees. The Wasserman contains the No. 3 Basel Ball, No. 5 Gulf and No. 6 Basel Ball Practice. Recently Wasserman also took over the Mondial Partners football club in Europe, which, together with its national football team, is the most powerful football team of any multi-sport club in the game.

Wasserman is home to a young NFL department representing Indianapolis Colts quarterly back Andrew Luck and his five-year, $123 million deal (signed in June 2016). Aquarius puts three operatives - No. 14 Joel Wolfe, No. 27 Adam Katz and No. 50 Darren Matsubara - on the most potent team.

The backlog compared to the previous year consists of No. 4 Independent Sports & Entertainment, which manages $2 billion in aggregate agreements and hosts No. 5 of the soccer and ball game and No. 6 of the basket game. As Wasserman, the agent puts three agencies on the most potent list:

In this year's ranking there are five new agents, among them three companies specialising in football: Nr. 18 Unique Sports Management, Nr. 21 Base Football Agency and Nr. 25 Lian Sports. In addition, there are no. 34 Klutch Sports, operated by Rich Paul, a sports manager, and no. 36 KO Sports, operated by Kurt Overhardt, a sports manager.

This year' largest player on the shortlist is Houston-based Select Sports Group, which climbed 11 places to 29th place with more than $700 million in NFL deals signed. This year' ranking's 40 agents represented more than 3,600 customers, which corresponds to around 60% of all professionals in the four big US sports divisions (NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA).

Indeed, the five biggest concerted sports agents in the globe (CAA, Excel Sports Management, Wasserman, Independent Sports & Entertainment and No. 5 Octagon) alone account for more than one-third of all pros, a testament to the incredible barriers to entering the sports agent industry. Appraisals in these league tables were collated through comprehensive research of customer lists and contract negotiations conducted by each agent in the sports of Basel, Fußball, Baseball, Baseball, Baseball, Hockey and Fußball.

Subsequently, the overall managed contractual value for each type of sports was calculated by multiplying it by the maximal brokerage fee (or the mean if there is no maximum) permitted by the team. Thus, the agents are classified according to the maximal amount of fees that can be obtained from the agreements that have been concluded and not according to the overall value of the agreements.

Sports representatives in tenis and gulf do not make a commission on their clients' revenues on the course, but only on the marketing dollar they are generating, for which they get an annual 20%. Whilst agency revenues also come from the negotiation of marketing and endorseement agreements for their customers in the five major sports, the total value of such transactions is insignificant to the typical gambler.

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