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Wolkenkratzeranzeige Size

There were no standard sizes that buyers and sellers adhered to for a long time. The ads provide the user with a richer experience than traditional standard banners. We recommend at least the following common ad sizes: All common display sizes can be found on the IAB website. Don't worry about the size of your team: Provided you're not flying alone, the company pages are absolutely fair.

160×600? What's a 160×600?

160×600? What's a 160×600? 160×600 display size is a default IAB display with 160 pixel width and 600 pixel height. The size of this display is known as skyscraper advertising, supers skyscrapers or sometimes as broad skyscrapers. Adsize 160×600 is generally placed on the page of a page to show an ad to the user as they move down the page.

That makes sky scrapers (of both types) somewhat resistant to the demand for a placement above the folds. 160×600 was introduced to substitute the old 120×600 skyscraper advertising units due to their constantly better output (due to their size in comparison to 120×600). However, the 120×600 still stays in use somewhat often and should therefore not be ignored.

160×600 is even more frequently operated from a multi-size ad space with a 120×600 advertising space so that both ad sizes can appear in the same ad space. The 120×600 and 160×600 ad spaces are both less than the 728x90 s or 300x250s, but should still be placed on each page of a website for additional income.

Measuring 160 x 600 pixel, the high-rise is super-sized and looks like this: or see a 160 x 600 pixel example live: In general, you can generally expect an adequate level of CPM for this ad block, but it will often be lower than the 728×90 or 300×250. When placed along the right side of a Web page with a 300×250 align, this ad block can be part of a home page buyout.

It is often hard to fill this advertising space (whether with a 120×600 or 160×600) because there is no market for it and so both are the best bet. The placement of advertisements in the Skyscraper slots is a good concept, as it ensures that your user will use a cookie for selling after printing.

Sellers will often try to persuade advertisers that this device is good because it stays on a user's side longer, but in most cases it is no better than a 728×90 or 300×250. They should reckon with paying slightly less than a 300×250 or 728×90 advertising block for a 160×600.

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