Shoes Affiliate Program

Shoe Affiliate Program

Thousands of people buy shoes every day and you can join in! Affiliate shoe programs like these fulfill the desire of your web traffic for the latest fashionable shoes and shoes from the hottest iconic brands. You' ll help your fans discover their perfectly fitting shoes and gear while earning commissions for everything! Participate in our Provision Junction Affiliate Program! The APL affiliate program allows you to earn commissions for qualified sales.

Begin making cash

Since 1959, with covert Comfort Concept feature concealed in every shoepair, we have provided lucky foot to million of demanding men and woman around the world, and every member of our staff prides themselves on the excellence of our services and our comfort shoes. We are looking for affiliates who want to express our passion for style and value to participate in our Commission Junction affiliate marketing drive and advertise our latest collection.

It' simple to join our affiliate program.

Partner Program - Clarks

And there are literally thousand of folks who buy shoes every single minute and you can join in! It' simple to request and when you join our program, you will earn cash in no time. As soon as you become an affiliate, Clarks will give you all the necessary tool to get you started.

Select from a wide range of imaginative images and text link to our website and specific promotional offers that we believe will benefit your site visitors. We do not currently order the purchase of vouchers for gifts. Commission Junction provides all merchandising tool (graphics, text link, brand link).

Where can I get my affiliate link? You can find all link within the intersection of Commissioner Junction. As soon as you are signed in, you can get your website linked, HTML coded, graphic files etc. for your website. Mm-hmm. What's commissioned junction? And we use their service to offer you affiliate linking, real-time tracing and reports, and payment of fees.

For more information, please see Comission Junction. How will my provision be affected if a return is made or an order voided? When an order is canceled before it is shipped, or when a item is sent back, your provision will be canceled. Within Comission Junction, all sells are kept in a " locked " state for 60 trading day.

Failure to cancel or return the purchase within the 60-day blocking grace will result in a provision! Whom can I turn to for more information about the affiliate program? Send us an e-mail to

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