Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

A shared Web hosting service refers to a Web hosting service where many Web sites are located on a Web server connected to the Internet. A shared hosting service that makes your website a success by ensuring that it is always available, secure and fast. Obtain a shared hosting solution that meets your needs and create the website of your dreams. This is a common type of web hosting where the service provider hosts many Web sites on a physical Web server. Having all the different types of web hosting available, it can be confusing which one is right for you.


A shared Web hosting hosted is a web hosting that involves many Web sites residing on a Web server attached to the Web. Usually this is the most economic hosting solution as the total costs of maintaining the servers are paid for by many clients. Shared-web hosting can also be done on a private basis by dividing the costs of operating a shared web hosting center between servers; this is referred to as collaborative hosting.

There are two ways to perform shared web hosting: name-based and IP-based, although some daemons allow a mixture of name-based and IP-based on a single web site. When it comes to IP-based hosting, also known as IP-hosting, each IP has a different IP number. Web servers are equipped with either more than one logical networking port or more than one logical networking port on the same logical one.

Web serving softwares use the IP to which the clients connect in order to identify which website to display to the users. IPv4 depletion means that IP addressing is an ever scarcer asset, so the main rationale for a Web site to use a Dedicated IP is to be able to use its own SSL Certificates instead of a shared one.

Shared IP Hosting is a name-based approach to hosting that allows VMs to host more than one host name on a given host with a unique IP number. It is possible because a web browsers, when requesting a ressource from a web site via HTTP/1.1, contains the host name as part of the query.

This information is used by the Web site owner to help the Web site owner decide which Web site to display to the Web site owner.

Exactly what is Shared Hosting? - ? Setup

Web hosting is shared hosting where the hosting company operates pages for several websites, each with its own unique Web site name, from a central Web site hosting location. The majority of web hosting providers offer shared hosting. While shared hosting is a more cost-effective way for organizations to build a Web site, it is usually not enough for high-circulation Web pages.

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