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It's not a scam, but I wouldn't recommend joining SFI Affiliate. Prior to deciding to join and work at the SFI Affiliate Center, also known as SFIMG (sfimg.com), we recommend that you read our Drawbacks of SFI. Affiliate Center SFI, Samal, Davao, Philippines. Yes, SFI offers many language translations for its websites.

You can select the desired language for the general SFI Affiliate Center (www.sfimg.com).

Is an SFI partner a fraud?

Do I need to join SFI Affilaite or is it a fraud? It' not a con, but I wouldn't advise you to join SFI Affiliate. It is both an affiliate programme and an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) programme that sells overpriced items. Actually, SFI works with TripleClicks.com and the primary goal of SFI is to educate you as an efficient affiliate and referrer. What we do is to help you become an affiliate and a referer.

Whilst SFI Affiliate can participate for free, it is difficult to make cash unless you buy your own monthly items or link others to the programme. Another evaluation is that after you buy a Versa point (VP) you receive EA points to achieve EA state. Alternatively, point others to the programme who buy items so that you can move up to EA level and receive commissions from purchases they make or from their recommendations, which span several generation across the board.

You say that every times someone hits your links (or banners) and purchases the item, you get a hefty 45% uplift. However, in order for their partners to be able to make 45% revenue, they are charging ridiculously high rates to clients who buy their wares. So for example I did a quest for the phone at TripleClicks.com and your phone sold for $495.00 for $595.00.

Check it out with Amazon who sells exactly the same item for only £294. However, the trouble is that few humans would buy their goods at this cost if they could buy them much more cheaply in other on-line shops. TripleClicks.com also sells 90,000 items from all over the globe.

Amazon, however, sells 480 million items. Amazon's affiliate revenues are much lower than TripleClicks and are one-digit. That' s what you would want from material, physically manufactured goods, not downloaded wares. However, you are more likely to make a purchase than Amazon Affiliate as the product is more accessible and Amazon is trusted by many.

At Amazon it is also not necessary to buy Amazon software or recommend Amazon software to others in order to make reasonable profits. A further drawback of TripleClicks is that their product is often sent from abroad. The example I mentioned, for example, is that the iPod touch version is delivered from India, while Amazon usually ships from the same state.

Amazonia has many stocks and so the lead times are significantly shortened. If you are registering for an affiliate, you need to ask yourself this one. Will you buy the product sales from this partner? you' re better off looking for another partner. Affiliate or MLM business prosperity depends on whether individuals will actually buy the product.

As a much better option, I would suggest Wealthy Affiliate, which can join for free. I' m with Wealthy Affiliate myself and I think it's the best there is. In fact, it shows you how to do affiliate branding in the right way so that you can make profits directly from home.

Realistically, it's not simple to make a livelihood on-line if you don't have the right skills.

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