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Get a server that's just for you - forget about slow shared hosting. Virtualization-optimized servers, multi-site hosting, and consolidated infrastructures. Locate your reliable dream server, optimized for high capacity utilization, constantly growing memory requirements or fast and parallel processing. The OIT offers secure data center hosting for customer's own servers and associated devices. Minecraft is a leading provider of server hosting services.

High performance computing devices with the flexibility to work in the classroom

High-end purpose-built hard drive with the agility and features of the clamp. Our single-tenant server provides the latest corporate hard ware for your project and 100% of your resource needs. You can combine discrete server and VM s to create a server environment that meets your needs with scalable pay-as-you-use accounting. Featuring Intel Power Intel processors and SSD/NVMe memory.

Choose an appropriate corporate video setup and make sure that your ressources are for you (and not for others). No matter whether you need persistent, high-performance hard drive or a fast, scalable server with our dedication server, you only need to buy the ressources you use. The cloud capability with devoted hard ware.

Sharing the burden and connecting your dedicated server to VMs to build a custom network environment. State-of-the-art memory technologies and the latest IntelĀ® processor generations improve server efficiency, while IntelĀ® NV-Me disks deliver up to 6x higher speed when accessing files. Thereby it is ensured that DDoS attack is caught before it reaches your server.

Our server is secured by the latest SIEM and IDS/IPS technology and our core network protection system. You can create and save your backup at any moment so you don't loose any information. All our datacenters comply with the highest levels of secure technology, as evidenced by our commitment to our own quality assurance system, our SSL 27001 certificate.

Server Hosting Dedication - Windows & Linux Schedules

Using web hosting, you rent a server that is only intended for your website. Distributed servers are much quicker than distributed hosting because you don't share your network traffic, network space, or disk space with other sites that share the same server. When you' re looking for the optimum in controls, agility and safety, a devoted server will give you and your website users the best time.

This is a server that is used for playing on-line titles such as World of Warcraft or Minecraft. Advantage of a devoted server for gambling is that your server is often more robust than the gambling clients themselves, which are influenced by different gamers and different bandwidth. To ensure a seamless gameplay enjoyable by you, a dedicated server is the way to go.

It'?s this distinction that makes SSD so much faster."

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