Selling Google Adwords

Sell Google Adwords

A guide to selling Google AdWords. Get them to believe in PPC before you sell AdWords. Adwords generates the lion's share of the company's turnover. AdWords is a product that you can use to promote your business, sell products or services, raise awareness and increase traffic to your website.

Selling AdWords to customers

Hello @Sean d, man, this is a difficult position you are in, and I can say like many years ago, this is essentially how I began with AdWords, through a fire exercise / immediate need enforced by the proprietor of the agent I worked for. You have to have a good idea why you are running AdWords campaign, and you as the supplier of the AdWords campaign can help the customer reach their objectives by running a campaign on their name.

First, you need to pinpoint what you are trying to do with AdWords, and then you can create a recipe/plan to help them reach those objectives.

Those adverts appear when people search There' s an intrinsic purpose to search and through AdWords you want to meet their needs by saying: "Hey, we have what you're looking for, and you can't be messed up with us.

While there are many more features available through AdWords, frankly, in 3 workingdays, you'll have a hard enough period of getting the basic principles right, I don't want to overload you any further.

And there are many journals/agencies that publish contents on AdWords/PPC on a day-to-day basis.

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