Sell Property for free

Selling real estate for free

Obtain your free Pathways to Selling guide. Deliver award-winning, unprecedented levels of service. There is no better way to provide better support in the business. We won the ProductReview in 2017 for the property section and we couldn't be prouder. TrustPilot currently has 5/5 star ratings, with 92% of respondents giving us "excellent" and 7% "good".

Our narrow margin approach allows us to provide you with a very reasonable rate to sell your home without compromising either services or market exposures. All your upgrades will be sent to all the sites we are represented on every 10 minutes. That means you can update your entry at 3am if you want.

There is nothing more important than your inquiries from buyers/potential renters. That is your link to a sales or leasing! Telephone inquiries: Prospective shoppers call our special 1300 number, type in a four-digit telephone call number ( which we include in the text of your offer) and immediately receive your direct call from you.

The telephone line is fully automatic and works 24 h a day, 7 d aweeks. E-mail and website enquiries: Requests are routed to your e-mail account in 24-hour intervals, in full text and in full text, and the requestor also gets an automatic reply informing him that the property manager will be contacting him.

On request, you can also get text messages about inquiries. We have been active in the property business for over 20 years and are licenced in every federal state. As we are fully licenced, you know that when you call us for advise on the sale of your property, you will be speaking to someone who knows what they are referring to.

The PropertyNow itself has been in use since 2004 (we created this type of sale!) and almost all of our present full-time employees have been engaged in the company since that year. If there is a issue, we will fix it immediately to safeguard your offer, and then we will contact you about it.

If something is not clear, we will gladly clear it up for you by telephone or in written form (if you wish). If you can sign up with an online guide and purchase them first, why delay until new functionality is available? This means that we consider every individual customer who wants to sell a property as a real estate agent.

Over the years, we have built and adapted our services to provide you with everything you need to rent or sell your property. Above all, this is true for conventional realtors. You will not be told that your property is less valuable so that we can make a fast sales. What's more, we'll tell you if your photographs or description are horrible for your property.

PropertiesNow was debated on television and broadcast, in papers and periodicals and discussed throughout the whole web!

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